Monday, June 18, 2007

You've won two tickets!

Many of you who read this know that Andy and Bob are huge Nascar fans. You can then imagine how happy Andy was on Saturday night when he got a call that he had won tickets to the race at Michigan International Speedway. Cheri had signed his name to a contest and he was called. He won 2 great tickets - each worth $90, 16 rows up and right off pit road. He is very thankful for Cheri now! This picture was taken before the crowd arrived and you can see what a good view they had.

This shows a moment of great frustration for Andy. His favorite driver is Matt Kenseth. Before the race the drivers ride around so the fanns can see them. This is Matt, in what would have been a great picture, if the women in front hadn't chosen to wave at the same moment the picture was taken. The other frustrating moment happened later in the race, when Matt crashed and was unable to finish.

Here is the start/finish line, which was close to where they were seated.

Following the race, Bob and Andy went down to winners circle and were able to get this shot of Carl Edwards accepting his trophy. They were happy to see him win - it has been a while for him. They then started back home for what would normally be a 2 1/2 hour drive. It took longer because of the traffic getting out of the Speedway and an accident that held them up near Lansing. They came home hot and tired, but really happy to have had this experience.
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Cheri said...

Very cool pictures- looks like they had great seats!
I'm so glad they had fun!!

Laura said...

Glad they had fun. That picture of the ladies hand is hilarious! What timing.

Anonymous said...

What a great time!! What a nice Aunt and SIL that Andy and Bob have. Great pictures!!!