Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

This is something I have been doing for quite a while. I don't know if other people already do this, but it saves me a lot of time. When I buy hamburger to be used later, instead of freezing it, I brown the whole amount right away. I then drain it, and rinse it with hot water. Next I package it in 1 or 2 pound packages and freeze it. When I need it, it thaws quickly and it has very little grease. Even better - you only have to deal with the mess once. It works for me! For more tips check out Shannon over at Rocks in my Dryer


Laura said...

Yup - I already do this, but I have to admit - I learned it from you!
When I buy pre-made hamburg patties, or anything frozen that needs to be seperated into serving sizes, I freeze the servings into individual bags so I won't have to get out my ice pick to seperate them when I need them.

Anonymous said...

I do this, too! Great tip!

Mom2fur said...

I've recently started doing this. It's a great idea to 'get it all done at once' and have the mess over with!

Cherie Nelson said...

Wow! this is a great tip! Never even thought of it!

Amy @ Experience Imagination said...

We usually divide our meat (uncooked) into 1-lb packages and store than in individual baggies in the freezer, since sometimes I want it browned, but other times, I want it raw for meatloaf or something.

I like the hot water idea, though. I hadn't thought of that.

Also, for anybody that's stuck trying to cut up already frozen blocks of meat, a cleaver does an amazing job. I've cut through those 3lb plastic-wrapped rolls of ground beef with this.