Friday, June 1, 2007

The graduate!

Well, it is official. I am getting old. It all started with a few gray hairs and now my youngest child has graduated from high school! I can't say I am sorry to be done with the school part. I won't miss school schedules, parent teacher conferences (and those never ending lines), forms to be filled out (in triplicate, with your life story and could you please include all the phone numbers and insurance numbers you have?), homework and never ending projects... You know what I mean. However - It is also hard seeing your kids move on. When mine were younger my parents told me to enjoy them because they would grow up fast. It didn't seem possible at the time, but as usual, my parents were right. I did enjoy my kids and l have always (well, most of the time) liked having them around. However, we don't raise them to stay kids and with each change comes it's own joys. It was a joy to see Andy graduate. The night was hot and the ceremony long, but we are proud of Andy and the young man he has grown into.

Here are a few pictures of him. I am always bothering my family for pictures, and as you can see they are not always cooperative. It appears they may have learned this bad behavior from Bob. Here you see Bob and Andy goofing off as I tell them to "stand up straight and smile".
You can see here, that they behave much better when I am there to keep them in line.
This blur you see is Andy recieving his diploma. This shows that I should stick to nursing. I am obviously not going to make a career of photography. Thank goodness they have a professional photographer to get pictures of the kids as they are handed their diploma. I'll have to use that one for the scrapbook!

Following the ceremony, the kids went to an all nighter. Andy is sleeping this morning and I heading out to get the last things I need for the Open House which is Saturday. I guess I'll have more to share after that. Have a great weekend.
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Laura said...

Very nice. Typical Dad and Andy. If only Aaron had been there too to give one of his lovely camera smiles.
I also like the Andy-blur.
I'm proud of the "little bugger" too. He's definetly growing up into an awesome man!

Terri said...

I like the family picture too. At least they behaved for that one.

Cheri said...

I always new that
Bob wasn't such a
"good egg"
and aparently he's produced 3 egglets that are following in his path!