Thursday, June 7, 2007

What a week! (or thank goodness it's friday!)

I am glad to see the end of this week. It's been really busy with having the inspectors at work. I've put in lots of hours this week, and have been going non-stop while there. I think things are going well so far- we'll find out for sure today. This weekend should be nice. Saturday is Bob's birthday, so I think we'll go out after work. Sunday, we are having Laura and Aaron over for dinner. We are going to celebrate Bob's birthday and Father's day. We always have a good time together and often have the chance for a few photo ops. You know how all those boys act when they get together. If I get anything good I will post it!

I was checking AOL tonight and I must say the top headlines are really exciting. I know you will want to know these things, so I am going to pass them on, in case you didn't hear this.

1. Paris Hilton has been released from jail!

2. Nicole Richie may be pregnant!

3. Jennifer Aniston has a new boyfriend!

4. A-Rod swore at photographers!

5. Gas prices are going down!!!

There you have it - the news of the day. Have a good weekend.


Cheri said...

I'm glad this week is over for you!
In the news department I have to say it really ticks me off that Paris is out of jail already- whatever happened to doing the time for the crime! The only other news info you had that interests me is that gas is going down!!!!!!!
I only wonder for how long??

Laura said...

I agree - she should not have been let out - that's ridiculous. Maybe I'll get drunk and drive around and see if they'll let me stay home for my punishment. Her house is like a resort anyway!

Nicole Richie is not fit to be a mother, and is too skinny to even carry a child.

Did you also hear that a man from Paw-Ppaw was pushed in his wheelchair down the highway by a semi because the handles got lodged in the grille? For 4 miles!
Weird news week I guess...

Laura said...

P.S. I LOVE the cat picture - too funny!