Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Checking in

I'm just stopping in to touch base with all of you.  I've been keeping up with your blogs and wanted to give you an update.
Life is still very busy here.  We did hire a new nurse who will start orientation tomorrow.  She is just working part time, but every bit helps.  Thanks to each of you who e-mailed me or left messages of support.  Your prayers about this are very appreciated.

We've had a fairly calm winter here this year.  We've had much less snow than usual, as shown by only one snow day for the kids so far.  I for one, am not complaining about that!
Here's just a couple of photos of how things are looking.

This is the bayou on the Grand River, near to our home.  It's pretty frozen at the moment.

This is making the ice fishermen happy!

 The other morning, I was coming home from work after working the night shift.  It was a beautiful morning!

Here's the corner of our road on that same morning.  Seeing the sun just starting to rise on a frosty morning is a beautiful thing!

Thanks again for the prayer and concern.  Please continue to pray for more nurses and that any new hires work out.  I'll see you at your blogs!

Sunday, February 2, 2020

Taking a break

I'm going to take a little break.  Things have been very crazy at work, and have now gotten crazier.  We have been having a nursing shortage and now just lost another one, with no notice.  This means I am working the floor, on varying shifts and am trying to get my regular work done too.  I worked over 60 hours last week and it doesn't look like this week will be any different.  I can't keep up here, so I'm stepping away, hopefully for a short time.   This nursing shortage appears to be going on all over our area which makes it even harder to find good help.  Prayers for more help would be appreciated!