Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Raindrops are falling on our heads but the sun will come out tomorrow!

Here are a few pictures of our first day away. We are having a good time, although we were rained on a few times. The bottom picture was taken on our walk to the water front. We would walk a little bit, then duck under a store canopy while it rained, then start up again. The top picture is the restaurant where we ate supper. It is called Clementines and the building was originally a bank. The building is really neat, with the original tin ceiling and brick walls. We had a great supper and had more than enough to eat. I thought I would throw a few quotes from the evening to give you all a feel for what a day is like with the men in the group.

Andy, (who happened to be making fun of my meal when this was said) "It's like a party in my mouth, but everyone is throwing up!"

Bob - when I asked how his perch was replied "I don't know, something tastes a little fishy"

Andy - (there is no context for this) "Oh Baxter, you're so wise, like a miniature Budha covered in hair"

There you have an example of our supper conversation. Regardless, we are having fun and are looking forward to tomorrow!


Laura said...

Oh Andy,
I love you so much. You are absolutely hilarious. Even if no one else understands your quotes - I do!
Quote #1 - Futurama, said upon eating an egg salad sandwich from a bathroom vending machine.

Quote #2 - Ron Burgundy, Anchorman, to his little friend Baxter. :)

Dad - Well, you're just Dad, there's no explanation! But I love you too!

Glad you guys are having fun - Mom and Heather - try to keep your sanity! :)

Unknown said...

Cute Maribeth real cute, you have a whole family that are such comedians!!!! Sounds like a good time....