Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Monday, July 30, 2018

Do you know any centenarian's?

Last week was quite an eventful week at work.  We had two big birthdays.  One of our ladies turned 100 and another turned 101!
Both of these ladies are wheelchair bound and are confused, but they enjoy people and talking.  
The lady who turned 100 had a huge party.  All the other residents were invited and about 80 family members and friends showed up.  Our building was very full!  This lady enjoyed all the visitors and the cake, but told us that she wasn't really 100.  She said the school kids made it up and she was only 13.  She didn't care though - she said she still had fun!
The other lady didn't have a big party, she had one the year before.  She said all she wanted was a white cupcake with chocolate frosting.  Her kids came and she did get that, along with her favorite meal.
I've taken care of 3 other people who were 100 or older.  The oldest resident I've cared for was 104.
It's hard to imagine living that long, and I know it's not something most people would want.  I'm thankful that even though these ladies are confused and in a wheelchair, they aren't in pain and are enjoying life.  

Sunday, July 29, 2018

Saturday Afternoon Walk

We had absolutely beautiful weather here on Saturday.  After lots of very hot and humid weather, and then lots of rain we couldn't have asked for better!  I had been out running errands in the morning, and decided I needed to go take a walk outside that afternoon.  I was walking down our road and decided to do something different and walk in the woods.

 Such a pretty little path, and don't you love that dappled sunlight on the path?

There are so many things to see and enjoy in nature!  The fallen tree was covered with all types of fungus.

Look at all these wildflowers I saw along the way!

 I think the different grasses have their own beauty!

I even saw a few wild berries.

On the other side of the woods is this meadow and I walked along the edge of it.

 Another fallen tree, this one is decorated with vines and some wild flowers.

The Queen Anne's lace was out in abundance.  It's one of my favorites!

This gate is near the road, a perfect parting shot after a beautiful walk!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Cooking Thursday

I made an easy treat for our Sunday breakfast this week.  I've seen versions of this before but never tried it.  I thought it was a good one to make with the girls here, because I knew I wasn't going to have time to be making something in the morning, and getting 2 little girls ready for church too.  This was nice because you make it the day before and eat it cold from the refrigerator.

Cream Cheese Danish

2 packages crescent rolls - I use the crescent dough sheets
2 - 8 ounce packages cream cheese
1 cup sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
1 egg
1 egg white

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
Spread one package crescent rolls into 9x13 pan. If using regular crescent rolls, press out the seams.
Beat cream cheese and add in sugar, then add in one egg and the vanilla.
Spread cream cheese mix over the crescent roll in pan.
Place remaining crescent rolls onto wax paper and cover with another piece of wax paper.  Roll over with rolling pin to correct size for pan.  Peel wax paper off and place over cream cheese mix.
Brush top with egg white and place in oven.  Back for 35 to 40 minutes until golden brown.
Let cool and drizzle with a powdered sugar glaze if desired.
Keep in refrigerator.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Monday, July 23, 2018

More fun with our girls

We had the girls overnight on Saturday night.  I picked them up in the afternoon and we made a few stops on the way home.  One stop was my Dad's house.  I got his pills set up for the next few weeks and the girls had fun visiting with Great Grandpa and Grandma.
After that we made a quick stop at the grocery store.

They have these cute little shopper-in-training carts.  I wasn't sure if this was going to be a good idea, but it went well, except for the few times Ruby ran her cart into Alaina's heels.

When we got home, they helped my make some sandwich spread for Sunday.  They love to help stir!

 After we got our work done, it was time to have some fun.  I had pipe cleaners, pompom's and wiggly eyes to make our own creations with.

 Here's Ruby with one of her critters.

Here are our finished products.

It doesn't cost much to make little girls happy!

 Laura made them matching dresses and hair clips.  They looked so cute I had to take their picture by our gate before we went to church.

 Ruby was very proud of herself after church because she managed to hold all of the stuffed animals at once!

We had lunch, then a game of chutes and ladders which Ruby won.  Then it was time to bring them home.   It's sure quiet here after they leave!  :)

Sunday, July 22, 2018

I'm done!

I told you a few weeks ago I was taking a break to finish some online studies.  One of the things I do at work is Infection Control.   This study was a series of seminars, some in person, some online that gives me a certificate in Infection Control along with a years membership in APIC, which is the Association of Professionals in Infection Control.  This membership will give me many resources to use on the job.

It wasn't easy though!  It involved 2 full days of seminars in June, then 40 hours of online studies, followed by 2 more full days of seminars.

This was last week, 70 people at the 2 day seminar.
After the seminar there was an exam.  We had 30 days to take it and were allowed 3 attempts.  After all the things we studied and listened to, I was nervous about taking it, but I wanted to do it soon, while it was fresh in my brain.
I took the exam Saturday morning and passed with 95% on my first try!  I was thrilled and so relieved to have it done.  I really think this was the hardest study I've done since nursing school.
So, I'm happy and now can start putting some of the things I learned into practice!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Cooking Thursday

Last week I made a salad that is a favorite around here.  It's a recipe I got from Laura.  It's been popular in Aaron's family for years, it was something his Grandpa used to make.  Therefore, it's known as Grandpa Salad!  It's a good one to take away as you can get the ingredients ready beforehand and then throw it all together.

Grandpa Salad
lettuce; variety of your choice, torn into bite size pieces
hard boiled eggs; sliced (I use 6 or 7 for a large bowl of salad)
bacon; cooked and broken into small pieces
cherry tomatoes
cheese, cut into small cubes (I use the Kraft crumbles variety)
mayonnaise (I use Kraft, reduced fat with olive oil)
Place lettuce into serving bowl. Stir in eggs, bacon, tomatoes and cheese. This may be done ahead of time. Immediately before serving stir mayonnaise into salad. Use just enough to coat the other ingredients.

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Monday, July 16, 2018

A day at the lake

It continues to be hot here!  So, it was a treat to go to the lake on Sunday.  A couple in our small group from church has a cottage about an hour north of us. They invited our group to come spend the afternoon there.  After church was done, we met up and made the drive, arriving shortly after 1.

 Deb had lunch ready when we got there, and we enjoyed it sitting out on their little patio.

It's always a pretty view when you are looking out at a lake.

 There were some swans on the side of the lake.

This little rubber duck was bobbing out there and looking cute.  He's weighted and stays in one place.  Apparently the neighbors use him to tie rafts to when they are out there.

 Speaking of neighbors, their neighbor on one side has quite the hill to climb. The Dad of the current owner put several sets of the stairs in himself, hauling buckets of concrete to make each step.  The hill was covered in perennial flowers and he did this in his 90's.  Since he's gone his kids have let it go, which is sad to see.

He liked concrete, and has several of these arches on his property.  Each one has a saying on the top.

 The flowers were pretty.

Even the ones that are really weeds!

I love cat tails too!

 We had snacks!

 And some of the group went for a boat ride.  I'm funny that way, and would rather look at water than be on it!

We spent the rest of the afternoon sitting near the lake talking and relaxing. What a great way to enjoy the beauty God puts around us!

Sunday, July 15, 2018

A little of life here!

I took last week off from blogging to complete some at home studies I've been working on for an Infection Control Class I've been taking.  It was 40 hours of study that had to be done between some classes.  I completed the at home studies and tests, this week I have to go to 2 days of seminars in Grand Rapids followed with one more test and I will finally be completely done!
In the meantime, Bob has been doing some work in our kitchen and dining room.  He put board and batten on one wall in the dining room, new trim around all the windows and doors and put subway tile on the back splash.  And - he is building me a new kitchen table!

Here's what it is looking like so far! I'm so blessed by his talent.

This past Saturday, we had a wedding to go to. It was a young couple from our church and it was an outside wedding.  We were concerned because it was supposed to be very hot and the wedding was at 1:30 in the afternoon.
Well, it ended up being  cloudy day, and we even got some rain.  However, during the wedding there was no rain, a nice breeze and even a spot of sun right after they were pronounced husband and wife.  Here's a few photos of the wedding.

 It was on the shores of Lake Michigan.

 There was a beautiful gazebo.

And gorgeous landscaping!

Everything was decorated simply with different types of leaves and herbs.  There was lavender thrown at the wedding and this is rosemary tucked into the napkin.

 Hanging in the windows at the reception were these simple wreaths.

 Here's a cute little drink spot.

 Before the reception, they had veggies and dip, and these cute boxes with biscuits, honey and jam.

Yummy cupcakes for dessert!
It was a very nice wedding and a fun reception!

Speaking of weddings, there was one in our family last week!  Our son and his fiancĂ©e Nikki decided to quit waiting and tie the knot.
Andy lives in Kentucky, and they went to Nashville to get married.

Nikki was carrying a bouquet that had a photo of Bob and I, and another of her mom  tied into it.  So we were there in thought.  We're happy to have another daughter!