Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Andy's New Camera

Andy got a new digital camera today. He wanted to have one so he could e-mail us pictures once he is done with boot camp. Here are a few of his first practice shots. This is Cleo doing what she does best!
This is a lily that is blooming in one of our back flower beds.
This was taken under the front eaves. I like the angle he took this from.

Hopefully we will be getting more pictures from Andy, so we have an idea of what his life looks like in the army!
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Unknown said...

Tell Andy he did just Dandy!!!

Laura said...

I like the picture of Cleo - that's funny. I think those are the same kind of red lilies we have - very pretty.
Good that he got a camera - now he can start a blog and post pictures of life in the army! :)

Terri said...

He will love having a digital camera. It's great to be able to post pictures. I like Laura's idea of his blog!

Cheri said...

Nice pictures- I do love the one of Cleo- for some reason whenever I'm at your house I 2 little girls with me and Cleo is very scarce!