Sunday, June 10, 2007

Weekend Report

We had a nice weekend. Saturday was Bob's birthday. (He turned 49!) We both had to work that day, so I met him after work and we went out for supper. On Sunday, we had Laura and Aaron over for dinner after church. We were celebrating Bob's birthday and Fathers Day, since I will be working next Sunday. Here is a picture of the family around the table (Laura is hidden by Bob). You may be wondering "What is Aaron doing?" If you look closely you will see he has a roll stuffed in his mouth. He is as bad as Bob and Andy when I am trying to get a picture. I warned him that if he didn't behave I would post a picture of him acting up and here you have it! (you know the saying about a girl marrying a man like her father - here is the proof)

Since we were celebrating Bob's special days, I felt I should have a picture of him. As you see, he was also acting up, and making faces at the camera. Look closely in his pocket and you will see his gifts. He has a tool in mind for his woodworking, so he got some cash to put towards it.

We all received some exciting news on Saturday. I got a call from my Dad, to tell me he is getting married again. We are so happy for him. Anne is a real sweetheart who fits well in our family. She teases Dad as much as he teases everyone around him. They don't have a date yet, but we hope it will be soon.


Laura said...

Where are the pics? They don't show up for some reason.

I am so excited about grandpa! It will be so fun to watch them get married. :)

Mari said...

I don't know what happened to them. They were in the draft. I'll post them again after I get home.