Monday, June 11, 2007

Tackle it Tuesday

I have lots to tackle today. I am going to balance my checkbook and pay bills. I also have a stack of reciepts that I have to turn in to the medical fund I have. The end result is nice - a check! However, the paperwork to get the money is time consuming (but worth it). So now it's your turn - commit to a task. It won't take as long as you think, and you'll feel better when you have it done. What will you tackle today?

After I finish these things I have something else to accomplish that may be worse than checkbooks and reciepts. I have to find something to wear to a wedding on Saturday. I want something that I will wear again and I don't want to break the bank to buy it. Wish me luck!


Terri said...

I've tackled delivering papers and then hanging out by the pool. Tonight I've got to tackle a hot ballgame and then practice at church. This is why I have to rest up now!

Laura said...

I was going to tackle things, but all I got done was making a tuna salad because someone decided to have a swollen head, and then I ended up talking to Jami for a while on the phone. Oh well, there's always tomorrow! Glad you got an outfit for Saturday!