Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Update on Tuesday

It turned out to be quite a day at work. We have been expecting the state inspectors to come soon and they showed up today. My partner, Nancy is gone on vacation, starting today so guess who gets to work all week with these people? We try to do things right anyway, so hopefully all will go well, but they will look until they find something. You can all say an occasional prayer for us! Anyway, after having one of them follow me around all morning and just thinking - "I am going to be sure to get out of here on time today", I am told that the 3-11 nurse is in the ER with her father-in-law and I may have to stay late. She is very reliable and not the kind to call in so I say ok, praying she comes close to on time! Well, she showed up on time, so I was out by 3:10. Heather is dealing with them watching her tonight. Anyway - when I got home I started on this room. The picture doesn't really show the before messiness well, butit did need a clean up. It took about 45 minutes, but it looks much better. I think there is even room to scrapbook again!
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Cheri said...

It looks really nice! If you get bored I'm sure I can find a room for you to clean over here!

Brenda said...

Looks great!!! I think I have a few rooms I could use some help with! It never seems clean enough!!!

Terri said...

My scrapbooking space needs some clean up too. It has gotten shoved off to the side of the room. The problem is that when that happens, I have no desire to start working. I should probably move my table. Maybe when we get back from camping in a few weeks.

Laura said...

Looks good!
And boy - you sure are keeping up on blogging!