Sunday, June 3, 2007

Andy's Open House

Saturday was the day for Andy's open house. We had it at Town Hall this year. With the hot, muggy weather interspersed with lots of rain, we were really glad we made that decision! It was a nice place for it. The only downfall was trying to get everything set up in a short amount of time. We were really thankful for Cheri who helped me set up and keep things going, and Mark who helped Bob grill.
Here is a picture of Andy with Bob's mom and her husband Rog.

Here is a picture of Andy with my Dad and his friend Anne. She is very sweet and we all enjoy having her around.

This is a picture of the room where the party was. It worked very well, there was lots of room for tables, food set up and picture displays. We had a lot of people stop by. We were reminded again what a blessing it is to have a great family and friends.

Here are Andy with some of his friends. Others had come earlier in the afternoon. There were lots of parties Saturday, so they were all busy trying to see how many they could make it to. Their names (left to right) are Rachel, Kenny, Chet, Andy, Luke and Aaron. Kenny is Andy's best friend.

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Cheri said...

It was fun and it went really well!
I agree that the building was a wonderful idea. It was my pleasure to help- Mark enjoyed it too! That's what family is for!

Laura said...

It turned out very nice. And it was nice not to be attacked my mosquitos!

And YAY - now you're done!

Only two more weddings and you won't have to plan anything again! :)

Anonymous said...

Nice blog Mari! Great open house too. Good job.


Terri said...

The open house was great. Thanks for naming the friends, - you know I have to be concerned with who Andy's hanging around with!

Brenda said...

Glad to hear the open house went well!!! Loved the pictures! Glad to hear Cheri was a big help!! LOL
I know she has pulled me out of a bind or two!!!

Love your blog!! I like being able to keep up with the "Sisters" and with Laura too!!

Thanks for including a picture of Anne!! I was wondering what she looks like!! :)