Friday, June 22, 2007

It's time for your yearly...

Yes - today was the day. It was time for my yearly physical, except in my case it had been more than a year. More than 2 years - closer to 3 years. So...I got a letter from the Dr's office saying that if I did not come in I could no longer be a patient! I admit it. I'm a terrible patient. I should know better, in fact I do know better and I really have no excuse. I went in and faced the dreaded scale and was poked and prodded. It really wasn't bad, but as usual I had to wait. In a little gown. In a cold room. With a thin paper sheet. The good news? I have lost weight since the last time I was there. The bad news? My blood pressure is borderline. I will be starting on a new med and I have to have my BP monitored. (This means you, Nancy!) The Dr had the nerve to tell me that he wanted it watched and he didn't want me to come back in a year and say I hadn't followed through or wasn't feeling good and hadn't called. I can't believe he would think that of me! He told me he had another nurse in this morning and she was not the best patient either. I then informed him that I had taken care of a few Dr's and they were also not great patients, to which he laughed and agreed. I left with a new prescription and orders for a mammogram and blood work. I was saved from one thing though. He told me I am young enough that I don't need a colonoscopy yet!!! Seriously, I have a great Dr who I both like and respect and I will follow through with his orders. God has blessed me with good health and it isn't something to take lightly or fool around with.


Anonymous said...

I had some bad abdominal pain (finally found out was a non-cancerous tumor) and had to have a colonoscopy at age 30!! I told the nurses afterwards, see you in 30 years! Another nurse told me 20 years. It wasn't too bad, I had the powder (you can also get pills) that I mixed with Crystal Light lemonade (doctor's orders). Just make sure you stay at home and have SOFT toilet paper! :)


Unknown said...

Wow! I'd say you got off pretty easy... & Yes I will be checking your BP in the morning!!!

Terri said...

I know the feeling. It took me a bit to get in there too. Now I am still doing blood work while they change my meds. Welcome to the world of BP medicine!!

Oh - enjoy your vacation too!

Cheri said...

I'm sure the blood pressure thing is just hereditary right!?!?!?!?
I'm sure it has nothing to do with the fact that us girls are all 5 lbs overweight.
Glad to hear you didn't have to have the colonoscopy yet- I'm also glad Neil got after you. I'll believe your better behavior only after I see it though!

Laura said...

Yes, those are fun, fun times. It's always such a relaxing, non-stressful time.
And yes - you are a troublemaker patient!
Although, I can't say that I'd be such a regular patient either if they weren't holding a certain pill hostage from me every year!