Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Monday, November 18, 2019

I Am

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I saw this last week and was blessed by this reminder that God is in control, no matter what things look like in the world, or in our lives.  Isn't this a huge comfort?

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Fireplace Makeover

You probably remember that our daughter Heather and her husband Andrew bought a house this past Spring.  It's such a cute house but it needed some love.  There was a lot of painting and cleaning to be done, and then there are some bigger projects to be done.
Last week Laura and I went over to help Heather figure out where to hang some things.

 A big S on one wall...

A little Farmhouse d├ęcor in the dining room.

Laura trying to hang a sign in the hallway.  Those things aren't always easy to hang!  We moved things around in their bedroom, hung a few things in the kitchen and planned things for the living room.

But here is the big project!

This is their living room when they moved in.  Lots of charm, but that fireplace!  Someone had the bright idea to put stucco over everything and then press in glass beads.  It was pretty gawdy.
We all helped tear that part down, and then Bob starting building a new fireplace.
Here's how it looks now:

 Shiplap on top, new bricks, new mantle and the fireplace doors were repainted.

Heather, Laura and I figured out some Fall decorations for a mantle.  I think it turned out just beautiful!  We had lots of fun!