Tuesday, June 5, 2007

The boys are back!

Andy and Bob have been camping the last few days. This is an annual tradition. They go to the Manistee National Forrest, near White Cloud. They totally rough it - no electricity, no running water... I wouldn't survive this! Here is a picture of their camp site. They seem to be rained on every year, but always have a good time. I'm sure they both have great memories of this time together!
They do a lot of walking up there. here is a picture of one of the trails they walk down.
This is lake is known as Loon lake. On a map it is named Amung Lake. This is about a mile from camp. They have seen deer, racoons, bald eagle, hawks and a loon here.
These wild irises were growing on the edge of the water. I thought this was a really pretty picture.

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Laura said...

Beautiful scenery. But definitely not worth the roughing it part to me! Give me a bathroom, showers, running water and electricy and I'll come too!

Cheri said...

I agree with Laura- I would never last. I do think it is a great tradition for the men and their sons though!

Marye said...

Wow...It reminds me of a place we used to camp in Arkansas called Cove Lake. We have horses and goats and chickens now so we can't get away but I miss it especially when I see beautiful pictures like these!