Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Don't you love a bargain?

On Tuesday I went out shopping for an outfit to wear to a wedding I have to go to on Saturday. Here is part of the outfit I got. The picture doesn't show the outer blouse well, but it is that wrinkly, kind of loose material. I got dressy black capri's to wear with this and it looks nice when it is all put together. One great thing about this outfit is that all the pieces were on sale. The capri's were 1/2 price, the other pieces were also reasonable and I will be able to wear them again with other pieces. I took my trusty shopping consultant along with me (Cheri), and she was a great help when she wasn't laughing at or mocking me. I wanted honesty, but maybe not such brutal honesty.

These are the sandals I got to go with the outfit since I didn't have anything in black. They were almost worse to find than the rest. My consultant was really laughing as I tried shoes on, and she threatened to take pictures of my feet and put them on her blog! It was a long afternoon, but at least we were successful. Thanks Cheri!
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Terri said...

Glad that you found something. Sometimes it's a real pain. I guess we're not the only ones struggling to find clothes. Someone asked me this morning where I got my shorts from because she is looking and I had to tell her I got mine from a friend so I couldn't help her out on where to go either.

Laura said...

Super Cute! It looks like you. I'm sure you'll look great on Saturday. Hopefully my outfit will look okay too.

I wish I could have been there to "help" too. I'm certain I would have been very serious and straight and not laughing like Cheri.... :)

Terri said...

FYI - I tagged you

Cheri said...

Your outfit did turn out well.
I'm sorry I laughed but had the
"shoe been on the other foot" as in mine- you would have been laughing too- it was pretty funny!