Monday, October 10, 2022

A Day in my Life - October

 I'm finally getting around to sharing my first day of the month with you.  It was a Saturday, so it's a little different than my usual workday posts. Here's how the day went.

I got up in the morning to a quiet house.  I thought the living room looked peaceful in the early morning light.

Bob had gone outside for a walk, I headed downstairs to walk on the treadmill.
After my walk I had my customary boiled eggs for breakfast, checked my e-mails and started some laundry.
Then I headed out to do a few errands.  I had to stop at the bank, stop at the drugstore and I wanted to stop at one more place - a pumpkin stand.

Bob's stepbrothers and kids have a pumpkin stand.  I wanted to get some gourds and pumpkins for our porch.  

It was a beautiful day and I enjoyed my drive back home. We were just starting to see a little color popping out on the trees.

When I got home, I found Bob hard at work in the garage.  He's been hanging drywall, putting up trim and on this day was doing some painting.

I brought all my pumpkins and gourds to the porch and arranged them.  They look nice with the mum I already purchased. 

Bob and I had some leftover pizza for lunch and then each got back to our work.

I got a hot dish ready for the crockpot as we had a church potluck the next day.  I finished the laundry and got the kitchen cleaned up.

We wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and go for a drive. I usually go to check on my Dad on Saturdays, so we decided to stop there first. They live about 25 minutes from us and we got there about 3:30.

Dad and Ann were also enjoying the weather.  They like to sit outside in the garage.  They don't have to deal with the sun, but can still enjoy the fresh air.  We had a nice visit with them, then drove to Grand Haven for supper.

We had supper at a restaurant called Snug Harbor which is on the channel from Lake Michigan.  It was nice looking over the water.

The food was delicious!  I had a Chicken Fiesta bowl and enjoyed it.

After supper we walked down the channel a bit and enjoyed the water.

Then we walked back to our car. We had parked on a street a little way from the restaurant.  We got to our car and I went to get in on the passenger side, and realized there was a woman sitting in it.  At the same time, Bob was opening the drivers door!  That woman probably wondered what we were up to, but she laughed at us.  It was a car just like ours, and our car was 2 cars further up the hill.  We still laugh about it when we are looking for our car in a parking lot.

We stopped on the way home to get Bob a new pair of jeans, then enjoyed another pretty drive home.

I'm afraid our porch time is nearly done for this year, but on this evening it was nice to sit for a bit. This is the view to the side from our porch.  There's a little maple tree putting on a show!

I had some cards to get ready before church the next morning, so I did that, and then we relaxed the rest of the evening.
What a lovely start to the month!


Ginny Hartzler said...

What a lovely day, and you got quite a bit accomplished as well. I love your kitchen, it is so bright and airy! And uncluttered! It looks like a joy to cook in. I also am in love with the pretty green walls in the one room. Your porch looks so pretty and inviting.

Debby said...

OM goodness- I had to laugh at you guys trying to get into someone else’s car that looked like yours! Too funny. I did that once years ago. It was embarrassing to me because the woman sitting on the passenger side yelled at me. After I got out from her sight, I had to laugh as well and prayed I’d never see her again!

Your porch looks so nice with all the gourds and pumpkins. Too expensive this year so I’m passing unless I find a good deal.

I really enjoyed your Sat and first day of the month post.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

How fun to follow you on a more "free" day. I love your new front porch area so much. You decorated it so cute!! You can tell that you and Bob are good busy bees and even on "relaxing" days you get things done! ;) It's so nice to see your Dad & Anne still doing so well. And that restaurant spot looked beautiful!
It's so wonderful how involved you are with your church too. Sounds like it was a perfect Fall weekend. 🍁🧡
Blessings xoxo

Susan said...

Hi Mari, I enjoyed al the pictures. I love to see all the fall pumpkin varieties. The salad looks good! Enjoy your week!

Hootin Anni said...

Lovin' what you did to your porch for the season.

Jeanette said...

Looks like a wonderful day! I wish I loved close enough to drive to Grand Haven for dinner!

Beth Cotell said...

Looks like a lovely day! Your front porch is beautiful!

Suemn said...

Hi Mari, I thought you were going to tell us that the lady sitting in her car was actually sitting in your car. Ha! That story is so funny that I'm sure you and Bob will be telling it to others in your family. You've decorated your porch so nicely for the Fall season. It looks so inviting. Isn't it nice to go out to eat again? You and Bob chose a really nice place to enjoy a lunch.

Changes in the wind said...

Even on your days off you accomplish a lot. The area is so green a pretty right now and love the little blotches of color. Your dinner looks wonderful and the view was great. Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Hi Mari, it's been quite awhile since I've commented here, we used to comment back when I "dated" my grandchildren. They are all in high school/college now. I still enjoy your posts every morning! I'm curious, what is Bob putting on the lower half of your garage walls? It almost looks like chalkboard paint. It makes me want to re-do our garage walls, they could use it! Blessings to you and your beautiful family! Jenni

happyone said...

What a terrific Saturday you had. Sounds perfect.
That sure is a lot of gourds!!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Sounds like you had a lovely and productive day.
I love the look of your living room, and you did a nice job decorating the porch for fall. That was quite a selection of gourds you had to choose from. It always amazes me how many varieties there are.
Your chicken Fiesta bowl looks delicious, and your incident with getting in the wrong car gave me a chuckle. Good thing the lady sitting inside realized what was happening and didn't let out a scream, haha.

roentare said...

The pumpkin stand is so impressive indeed

My Tata's Cottage said...

You were both so busy. Your meal looked wonderful and I love all the photos. I was outside with the dogs for a few minutes. It is so pretty and a nice cool breeze instead of 90 degree heat. Ah.....
Always a pleasure to stop by and say hello to you. Have a wonderful rest of the week. HUGS across the miles.

Mari said...

Hi Jenni! I remember you and it's good to hear from you again.
He painted the bottom of the walls a very dark gray. It was left from painting our house and we thought it would be good to have a dark color in the garage.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Like I always say, you pack more into the space of a day than the next ten people I know! It's awesome. TG recently tried to open the back of a car that wasn't ours ... we were, of course, in a parking lot. Dear, that is NOT the pirate mobile! I chided. Haahaha. That chicken fiesta bowl looks heavenly! And to eat it with a view of water on a beautiful day ... what a treat! Your dad and Ann look good! xoxo

Terri D said...

I gave our pastor and his wife an appreciation card last Sunday. Mari, your porch is so pretty and that little maple tree is really showing off!! That chicken fiesta bowl looks delicious! Seems you and Bob had a good Saturday and start to this month! xo

LL Cool Joe said...

Yours day are always so action packed even at the weekend!

What is a mum? That's what British people call their mothers!

Jean said...

I loved this whole post, starting with that lovely picture of your living room and then your kitchen. What a beautiful home!!

But you know I enjoyed the car story the most!! I'm SO glad I'm not the only one who does things like that!!