Sunday, October 10, 2021

Weekend adventures

 We had Alaina and Ruby overnight this weekend.  Ruby said it had been at least 2 months since they were over, so they should come again next week.  It hasn't been 2 months, but it has been a while, so we were looking forward to it.

We surprised them by going to the frozen yogurt place after we left their house.  They've wanted to go there since I took them when we had their shopping day with me, and they were excited to show Grandpa all the good stuff there.  However, Grandpa didn't want gummy worms or swedish fish in his ice cream!

When we got home, Ruby was having fun looking at pictures with Grandpa.

Alaina was playing with the Newtons Cradle, which is something they get out all the time.

We stayed up late and watched a movie.

They slept until shortly before 8 the next day.

They were having fun playing house and hide and seek in the family room downstairs while I did a little cooking and laundry.  Then we did a fun craft together before we took them home.

We stopped at my sister Cheri's house on the way home because the girls wanted to see her new puppy.

This is Henry - isn't he cute? He's a little wet, as he had been outside and everything was soaked after a big rain.  So Alaina held him, but Ruby didn't want to get wet.

Something crazy happened in our town on Saturday.  A trailer tipped over, leaving a huge load of pumpkins and gourds all over the road.
They pushed them off to the side, and said people could pick them up, so we stopped to get a few.  The girls were quite excited about this!

Here's our stash, ready to go out on their steps.

We stopped at my Dad and stepmoms house to eat lunch and get Dad's meds set up.

Ann gave them some cookies to take home.  Ruby says great-grandma makes the best cookies in the world!

It's so fun to see them together.  I love seeing their relationship.  They are 6 and 9, Dad is 90 and Ann is 92.  Many kids don't get to know a great grandparent as well as they have.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Your Dad sure looks a lot younger than 80. How fun that the pumpkin truck tipped over! Though I hope no one was badly urt. What craft did you do with the girls? Henry is a cutie!

Deb J. in Utah said...

What a fun weekend. Yes, it is wonderful that the girls are getting to know their great grandparents. Such a blessing that they will appreciate more as the years pass. Hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

Hootin Anni said...

Great fun had by all!! Henry is a doll. Pumpkin & gourds free...awesome!! But, the smiles on the girls' faces is priceless!!

Tracy dixon said...

Looks like a great weekend. The pumpkins look great too.
I had the privilege of knowing and visiting my great grandparents when I was young, our boys did too but they were really young when they passed.

Linda said...

Such lovely photos. I would of been right there picking up the pumpkins etc. smiles. Have a beautiful day, Mari. smiles

R's Rue said...

What a beautiful weekend my friend.

Sparky said...

They are so adorable, those girls. They are also so super blessed to have loving Grandparents and Great-grandparents to hang out with. Thanks for sharing the weekend.
Have a great week!
Blessings. xx

Changes in the wind said...

The pumpkin story makes me think of make lemonade out of lemons story but the timing of spilled pumpkins is perfect for fall and Halloween. You always think of special things to do with the girls and know they just love that.

Jeanette said...

Looks like a fun time! That's crazy about the truck dumping the gourds but good for you guys! How blessed your grandkids are to have great grandparent!

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

They are so cute! :)
It's always so good to see the realtionship between grandparents and grandaughters and I'm glad they have the same sweet and close relationship with your parents.
Oh, and those pumpkins were a GREAT find!
Have a blessed week, Mari!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

They are adorable and very lucky little girls. With their Grand Mother and Father and their Great Grands. Very lucky.

And you do wonderful things with them. Memories for a lifetime, for everyone.

Wow, what a time for that road spill!!!!!!!!!!!

🍁 🏈 🍁

Michelle said...

Those two seem so very sweet. I knew both of my great-grandmothers and one great grandfather. Awesome that they are getting to know their great-grand! I would have been all over those pumpkins/gourds! lol

Arlene G said...

wow, that was nice to get some free gourds.:) I just love seeing the girls with their great grandparents. It warms my heart.

Terri D said...

Those two young ladies are so adorable. Of course, they love spending time with you and Bob!! It is so wonderful that they are old enough to have memories of their great-grandparents. I only remember my great-grandma Swiss and that memory is of her sitting in a rocking chair making string balls. I was six when she passed. So many blessings abound there!! xo

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Geesh - fun food, crafts, new puppy, free pumpkins and gourds, the best great grandparents...I think Alaina and Ruby live their best lives with you guys!! Love it ❤️

Jenny the Pirate said...

Your dad and Ann being in the girls' lives is truly an unusual blessing. I know that later in life they will look back on that privilege and be so grateful. WOW I want Swedish fish and gummy worms in my ice cream, so I'll have Bon's and mine too. The pumpkin gourd spill was quite windfall! xoxo

Debi said...

My dad is 90 and it's fun to watch him with his great grands. Your girls are growing so fast!

LL Cool Joe said...

The girls are growing up fast, and I suppose what they want to do with you has changed too. Looks like they had lots of fun and you kept them busy! Or should I say they kept you busy!