Monday, October 4, 2021

October Garden

 Things have really changed in the flower gardens, but there is still beauty there.  Here's a few things happening in our gardens.

Not a flower, but the very last cherry tomato on our plant.

Our Black Eyed Susan's are blooming for the second time.

Autumn Joy Sedum.  The flowers just get deeper red as the days go by.

This is Hardy Ageratum.  I love the color and the fuzzy look of the flowers.

Seed pods on the Rose of Sharon bushes.

Not a flower but some sort of berry in our wooded area behind the flower beds.

These look like blueberries but they aren't.  It's another wild berry in the wooded spot of the back yard.

Our hydrangea tree is just loaded with flowers this year.  The branches are hanging down because of it.

Here's what one of the flowers looks like.  They turn darker pink as the days go by.

And a few mums and pumpkins on the front porch.


Ginny Hartzler said...

Picture number 6 is the American Pokeberry. Your Sedum and Ageratum are such gorgeous colors! So deep and intense! The ageratum looks like tiny feathers.

Hootin Anni said...

Maybe blackthorn? (The one that looks like wild grapes?)
Autumn is such a beautiful season.
And decorating your porch is awesome!!! (Did your porch chairs get delivered yet?)

Tracy dixon said...

I am so glad to have so many wild berry bushes on our property to help feed the birds. Bird feed gets expensive.

Deb said...

Hi Mari. You have a lovely yard. There is beauty in nature in all seasons! The mums, pumpkins and squash on your front porch are so festive! I love it. Hope you are having a good week. :-)

Arlene @Nanaland said...

So are beginning to die here. I have some annuals in my flower beds that I need to pull up. They are on their last legs. Love all your pumpkins. I need to get some for my porch too.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

Last red "Jewel"!!!

All your flowers and fruit are gorgeous.

2nd blooming on Black Eyed Susans?!? How do you get so lucky!!!

Sadly, ours have been pushed out, by wild Queen Anne's Lace.

He is saving seeds, and we need to get grandson next door, to get rid of the QAL next spring, then re-plant Black Eyed Susans.

Re: You comment on my TB12 post. Thank you!!! Following Tom 😊🏈😊, is one way of keeping my sanity, in this horrible time, our Country and the world, is in. -smile-

Suemn said...

Your hydrangea tree is so lovely. You did a great job with the pumpkins and squash decorations. Looks so welcoming:)

Terri D said...

Beautiful, Mari, and how fun to have that great porch to decorate!! xo

Sparky said...

I think the "unidentified" berry is Beauty Berry. We have that here in abundance. If it's the same one it has lovely purple flowers before the berries. I like the Hardy Ageratum too. Wish it grew here.
Wonderful photos.
Blessings. xx

Rebecca said...

We have several similar plants at similar stages...Isn't it all so lovely?!?

Kim said...

Wow, your garden is still really blooming. Lucky!! The only thing I still have with flowers is my Morning Glory.

Jeanette said...

The flowers are still beautiful Love your front porch!

Jenny the Pirate said...

It's all wonderful but it does my heart good to see your beautiful porch! xoxo