Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

It's time for Works for me Wednesday again. My tip this week relates to a blog carnival I participate in weekly. Every Thursday, Sandra at Diary of a SAHM hosts a slow cooking recipe day. I enjoy using my slow cooker and was getting many great recipes to use. However, I was printing them off my computer and was accumulating a pile of recipes on my kitchen counter.
Here's what I did. I went out and bought a notebook. The one I bought happened to have an opening in the front where you could slip in a title page. This is not necessary, but a nice touch. I made a title on the computer, with a picture of a slow cooker and a title that says "Slow Cooking Recipes".

I also purchased page protectors and I slipped the printed recipes into them. I put dividers in so I could separate the types of recipes. Now it is easy to find the recipe I want and they are not cluttering up my kitchen counter!
This works for me. I may start another one for other recipes or things I find online. If you would like to see more tips, visit Shannon at Rocks in my Dryer.


Unknown said...

Mari, you are so cleaver!!!! Very nice tip.

Laura said...

Yes, you are a clever opossum!

Is there a slow cooker recipe for opossum in that book! :)

Anonymous said...

I love this tip!

Terri said...

I love it that someone thinks you are an opossum. Does that make your daughter an opossum too? And then she's looking for recipes for them - can we say cannibalistic?

Sandra said...

You are a GENIUS.....I was trying to figure out how to save all the great recipes you ladies share on my Slow Cooking I know what to do.

I can't thank you enough, this is just perfect :)


Cheri said...

I was just trying to figure out what to do with these recipes over the weekend because my recipe box is starting to look like what moms did!
Great idea.

Anonymous said...

Great minds think alike...
I've done the same thing, only I have all kinds of recipes floating around, so I made my own dividers, too! One afternoon I just got sick of the clutter, so I put it all together using the titles I would look for the most... breakfast, breads, mains, sides, desserts, drinks, and miscellaneous. I even found a magazine picture with my name on a placecard for the front! Ha! Don't you love it when a plan comes together? :)
I thoroughly recommend the strategy. It works for me, too!

Anonymous said...

I've been working on recipe organization & have seen this tip before, bu I like how you've modified it so that you have all your slow cooker recipes together in one binder. I may have to integrate that into my developing system! Thanks!