Monday, September 25, 2017

Introducing Beebo!

A few weeks ago I won a book from my friend Stephanie at The Enchanting Rose.  It's a kids book about a little bear named Beebo who learns about being responsible and getting things done.   It was written by Madison Meadows and the book was even signed by her!  The illustrations are very cute and it has a good lesson.

Here's the book with a cute card and bookmark from Stephanie.  It arrived before we went on vacation, but I didn't get to share it with the girls till this past weekend.

Here they are with the book.  They both liked it and said we have to read it again!
Thanks Stephanie!

Sunday, September 24, 2017

Pumpkin Time

The girls spent the night with us Friday night.  We decided to stop at the large greenhouse in our area to let them get a pumpkin.  They love to go there because there is a play area outside.

It was a very warm evening - record setting for September.  The girls had so much fun playing, in spite of the heat!

They were thrilled when they saw the greenhouse cats, and even happier that this one wasn't scared of them.

They liked seeing all the coins in the fountain.

We always have to stop and sit on the big bears lap.

They each picked out a little pumpkin.

When we got home we had a pumpkin donut for a special treat.  What a fun night!