Thursday, August 16, 2007

Trading Spaces?

Pictures above: top - Anne, removing light switch plates in bedroom. 2nd - Dad, working in living room. 3rd - Terri busy painting. Bottom - the finished paint job.

I love the television shows that show people redoing a room. This week my sister Terri and I got to do our own little makeover at my Dad's house. We have been bugging him to do a little painting at his house but until he got married last week, we didn't get anywhere. Now however, he has decided it is time for a change. Terri and I were invited to come and paint his bedroom. It was a pale green yellow color, and they wanted it painted light blue to go with a quilt that Anne's daughter made. We spent the day painting and although we are not quite Extreme Home Makeover, I think it looked pretty good when we finished. They have ordered new carpet and were also putting in a new light fixture.We had fun working together, even though we missed Cheri, who wasn't able to come. As we were finishing that room, we were told that he had purchased paint for the living room too, so I guess there is more painting in our future!


Laura said...

That looks very good - I'll be excited to see it when it's all finished - I bet it will be a lot brighter in there!

Terri said...

I checked out the kitchen today. I think we'll have some ceiling painting to do there with the new lights. They got a new light in the bedroom too. It looks really good.

Unknown said...

Wow! everybody is working!!!
You can all come to my house next..

Saija said...

you guys look like pros! :o)

Unknown said...

Looks very nice.
I always enjoyed doing this with friends.

Have a great time with the livingroom too.