Thursday, September 13, 2007

Gettin Personal

Tara posted this on her blog yesterday, and asked her readers to do the same. I thought it was interesting and a good way to get to know more about each other. So - if you are reading this, I challenge you to fill this out and let us all know more about you!

Accent - I have always thought that I didn't really have an accent. I live in Michigan and people on Television talk like us, however I'm sure we have an accent if you asked people from other areas!

I don't drink - coffee! I have never liked coffee. I've tried to get used to it, but to no avail. I don't like tea either. I drink a lot of water, some diet coke and an occasional glass of wine. I know - boring!

Chore I hate - folding laundry. I don't mind most other things, but for some reason I dislike this.

Pets - We have a cat - "Cleo". Our dog died a few years ago and we have also gone through the goldfish and hamster stage.

Essential electronics - I would have to say the computer. I spend far too much time on it, I'm afraid.

Perfume - I switch between a few - "Pleasures" by Estee Lauder, "White Tea Therapy" by The Healing Garden and "White Musk" bu The Body Shop.

Gold or Silver - Usually silver, but it depends on what I'm wearing.

Insomnia - I have been blessed to never have that problem. Even when I worked the night shift, I was able to sleep during the day.

Job Title - My most important job is wife and Mom, and I try to put that first. I worked part time when my kids were young and am now working 4 days a week. I am a Charge Nurse at a Long Term Care Facility (Nursing Home). I am blessed to work with some great people and really enjoy getting to know our residents and their families.

Most admired trait - It is hard to post an admired trait about yourself! I guess I would say that I am usually a positive and upbeat person. I like to view the glass as half full!

Kids - Laura is 24 and is married to Aaron, Heather is 21 and is in college, Andrew is 19 and is finishing basic training in the army in a few weeks.

Religion - I try not to be "religious". I spent too many years doing that. I am a Christian, trying to live my day to day life as a follower of Christ.

Siblings - I am the oldest of 4. I have a brother Duane, a sister Terri, and a sister Cheri. Just in case you are wondering about the names - Mari, Terri, Cheri? No, my parents weren't trying to rhyme when they named us. It is really Maribeth, Terri and Cheryl.

Time I wake up - usually 5:30 when I am going to work. I do enjoy my days off, when I can sleep in and have a leisurely morning!

Vegetable I hate - I have a few I dislike, but the worst is Brussels sprouts. I don't think I could eat them if you paid me!

Worst habit - I asked Heather for an answer to this. She says it is biting pens. I must admit that my pens often have an unusual appearance at one end, so it must be true. I have a feeling that my sisters and Laura may have more bad habits to add to the list! Bob thinks I am perfect, at least I tell him I am!

My favorite meal - I don't think I have a favorite. If I don't have to cook, it's good!

Now it's your turn. I'll be looking forward to what you all have to say!

Don't forget - Friday is the last day to sign up for the 100th post giveaway below. I'll be choosing a winner sometime Friday afternoon.

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I'm Tara. said...

I love that you did this! I'm coffee? :) Just kidding -- you are better off, I'm sure. Although, I'm not a true addict as I'm just the decaf gal. I agree -- any meal I don't have to cook is in the running! Loved reading all about you, Mari!!

A Captured Reflection said...

I'm with you there, I hate coffee. I wish I liked it, you hear about folk talking about their great cup of coffee, but it's like pah, yuck for me. My friend Pam (MizPam) on my links is a Michigan girl living in Germany.

Rebekah said...

What a fun post. Folding laundry is the pits, especially pairing socks.

Cheri said...

I love this idea- It would be really easy for me to do it to. I could just copy and paste it to my blog and I'd be done!

Laura said...

I agree with your best trait. You are always a positive, cheerful person and fun to be around. I've rarely seen you upset or mad, and those times I have, it was usually caused by me! :)

I agree with the pen biting also. But I wouldn't say it's a bad trait - as long as they're your pens. I would say the trait that bugs me is your little games which keep you from watching the TV show or movie, and then asking questions about what's going on. :)

Love you Mom!

Dena said...

Super fun - you know it took me until YESTERDAY to realize Cheri was y'all sister too! This bloggie world is soooo cool! You certainly have been blessed with a great family that seems to love each other very much!!! AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

Mari, I love your idea for the magazine prize for your 100 post. I think I will steal it for my 500. I've been trying to come up with something nice to give away. I hope you don't mind. Once I get my post up you will have to check it out. I always knew you were a smart cookie :)

Anonymous said...

i bite on pens too!

kellyo75 said...

I love this! I am with you on the religion thing! I try so hard to explain to people that "I don't believe in religion, either! IT's all about the relationship with Christ!" Your blog is wonderful!

sharon brobst said...

Came over by way of Ginger's site. Great getting to know you a little!