Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Works for me Wednesday

Today is works for me Wednesday and I am going to share something I have been doing for years. (Boy, I sound old when I say that!) I buy my groceries every 2 weeks because my husband is paid every other week. Before I go out, I plan 2 weeks worth of meals and write it down in one of those monthly planners that have a square for every day. I then make my grocery list accordingly. If something should come up, and we don't have a particular meal during that period, I insert it into the next 2 week schedule when I work on it. If I am having trouble thinking of something to make, I can look back a few months for ideas. I keep these planners near my recipe box in the kitchen and have a few years worth to look back at. I've also looked back at them to see when we have done something as a family, because if we are going to be going somewhere and aren't having supper at home, I write that down instead of a meal plan. I find this very helpful when I have worked, so I don't have to come home and figure out what's for supper!

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Anonymous said...

I do this too! Well, not the part about keeping all the planners, but I buy groceries every 2 weeks and plan our meals ahead of time so I know what groceries I need to get. It sounds like it would be a lot of work and that you would have to be super organized but I'm telling you that's not the case - IT CUTS DOWN ON THE STRESS!!! I hate trying to figure out what to have for meals 2 or more hours before we eat. Also, if my kids (or husband) ever want to know what's for lunch/dinner, they know that it'll be on the schedule. If I'm not home in time to start it, then they can get it started for me (that doesn't happen too often - but it could!).

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

OH OH! Me too, me too! Only I do it all online because you know, to do it on paper would require me to MOVE AWAY FROM MY BELOVED COMPUTER, a thought which frightens me to my core. Shannon didn't do the WFMW this week, did you notice? And I had a fun one, too. Ah well, there's always next time. Have a GREAT day, Mari!

Unknown said...


I'm living in The Netherlands (Europe)

I'm so bad with planners.
We get groceries twice a week. So the fresh vegetables that are available are used.

Kim said...

The music that I had on my blog earlier today was this:

Hope that this helps. I love it but this player only let me play one song. I found one earlier this evening that let me load a lot. Check it out if you want.

Thanks for visiting.

Unknown said...

ooh, mari, I thought I knew you but this organization is to much for me. I can't think ahead one minute let alone 2 weeks of meals...Lauri is right you are a smuck... :)