Sunday, July 15, 2007

Saturday Night

Saturday night, Bob's sisters, Karla and Diane came over to see the new sprinkling system he has set up to water the flower beds in the back yard. This also gave them the chance to see Andy before he leaves. His nephew, Curt and wife Brenda stopped by later in the evening. In the pictures you see Bob, Karla and Diane talking about flowers, Diane and Andy trying to take a picture of a bee, Andy Brenda and Curt laughing, and Curt tormenting poor Cleo. (He actually tried to be nice to her, but those of you that know her, realize she is a "snooty" cat!) There were many ideas for new flower beds for Bob and irrigation ideas for Karla and Diane. There were also plenty of laughs. We were going over what Andy would be doing in basic training, and Karla's ideas didn't always mesh with reality! She is a good sport and laughed with the rest of us. It was also nice to see Curt and Brenda. Brenda is very sweet. You may notice I did not say that about Curt. I'm sorry to say that Curt is not sweet. (He probably wouldn't want to be) He has teased and harrassed me his whole life, so I don't expect him to change now. We have warned Brenda that she is going to be in trouble when any future children arrive! (He is a great guy, in spite of his teasing!) We had a fun night and Andy enjoyed seeing them all again and will be happy to see them in December.
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Laura said...

Sounds like you had fun - but when you get those four together it's always a little crazy! :)
And I agree - Brenda is a very sweet girl, and Curt is a pester-er (?) but a loveable one!

FriedOkra said...

Wow, how nice to have irrigation for your beds! Great pictures, too!

Anonymous said...

We had a GREAT time! My cheeks hurt from laughing, the sprinklers were genious, and seeing Andy before he leaves was wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and it wasn't just a bee; it was a Snowberry Clearwing Hummingbird Moth. Very cool. Google it.


Terri said...

It was nice that you could get everyone together before Andy left. Looks like you had a fun night.

Sandra said...

Sounds like you had a lot of fun and great that everyone got together before Andy left :)

Have a wonderful night,