Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Our July Fourth celebration

This year we had my side of the family over to celebrate the holiday. It was also a chance for many of them to see Andy again before he leaves. This year there were several of us taking lots of pictures. Most people cooperated, although there were a few that were being difficult! We also celebrated a few birthdays. The top picture is Shaelyn and Halle playing in the bushes. Next is Bob with Arianna, who is helping him with his birthday cards. The stilts came out and were tried out by Laura, Nick and Andy. The bottom photo is a picture of all the cousins. We had to take quite a few to get one where everyone is cooperating, but I'm happy with this one. It was nice to spend a day relaxing and enjoying family. I have to thank my friend Nancy for agreeing to trade holidays with my so I could enjoy this last one with Andy here!
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Terri said...

Man, you are so efficient. We've just finished doing fireworks and I have no pictures downloaded yet. I'm working on getting Shaelyn to bed. We did have fun. And yes, there were some very difficult people there, while we were trying to take pictures. The fireworks were good too. It was nice seeing Andy spend time with his cousins too. The goodbye's had to be short and sweet.

Laura said...

You are efficient! We wouldn't have been so "difficult" if we weren't being chased around by those cameras the whole night!

Laura said...

Might I also add that there seems to be a common trend between your children (even the non-biological one). We all seem to be sickly, pasty, white, surrounded by all our tan cousins. Why is that?

Just Another Day In Paradise said...

We had such a nice time and the picture turned out great!
I think this would be a great grandpa present for Christmas!

Mari said...

Laura - I did notice this. Obviously the cousins have more time available to spend in the sun, while my poor children have to work, work, work!