Sunday, July 8, 2007


What, you may ask is a mugwump? My friend, Nancy and I both have groups from our churches that we meet with for Bible study and fellowship. We talk about this frequently at work, especially when we are planning for our turn to host one of these gatherings. Our old work partner, Lavonne, started calling these groups, "Mugwumps". Why? I don't know, but somehow the name stuck. My group gets together every other Sunday night most of the year. In the summer, we are not quite as regular, but we got together at our house tonight and talked about what is going on in our lives. We always have good discussion and spend some time praying for each other and anything else that comes up.

As you can see, we also spend time eating. You can see most of our group in these pictures. One of the men is a Fire Captain, and was working tonight, so we missed his usual good humor. We are blessed to be part of this group that studies, prays, laughs (and eats) together!

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