Sunday, May 15, 2022

Tulip Time

We live about 20 minutes from Holland Michigan.  Every year, in May, Holland hosts a Tulip Time Festival and people come from all over our country, and some even come from other countries.  Tulip Time is a celebration of Dutch heritage and culture, and it's been held every year since 1929, except the last two years because of covid.  There are about 500,000 visitors, representing 40 countries.  One of the highlights of the week is the tulips - over 6 million bulbs are planted each year.  Another highlight is the Dutch Dancing, over 900 dancers in the traditional clothes worn in the late 1800's to early 1900's, including wooden shoes.
I usually try to visit Holland to see the tulips after the Festival is done, so I don't have to fight the crowds. This year my days off after the festival were looking busy, so my daughters Laura and Heather, and granddaughter Cassie braved the crowds and checked things out last week.
It was a little cloudy the day we went but still very warm.

It's fun seeing people walking around in these Dutch costumes.

This is a covered carousel.

An old Dutch mailbox.

There are lots of things to buy in the shops, including so much delft!

Here's a view that includes the old windmill and the bridge over the canal.

The star of the show - acres of tulips!

Tulips of every variety...

and color!

The DeZaan Windmill - an authentic Dutch windmill that is 125 feet tall.  It was built in the Netherlands in 1761, and was moved to Holland, Michigan in 1964. It's the last windmill to leave the Netherlands. It is a working windmill.

Cassie riding on Mama's shoulders.

Cassie, Heather and Laura in front of the windmill.

It wasn't easy getting a picture of her, every time we set her down she got up and started investigating!

You could tour the windmill if you wanted to.

An authentic Dutch street organ.  We got to hear it play.

Another view of the canal...

It feels like you are actually in the Netherlands, with the old buildings and tulips.

I'm leaving you with my favorite tulips of the day:

If you're ever in Michigan in the beginning of May, stop in Holland and check out the tulips!


Deb J. in Utah said...

What a fun event! I love tulips. We went to a tulip festival out here a few years ago. So glad you could go with your daughters and Cassie and have an enjoyable day filled with beautiful flowers and Dutch heritage. I hope you have a good week. :-)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you went! what a fabulous post! I adore the windmill! and the tulips ae amazing. Of course a place named holland just has to have a festival like this. The building behind the white picket fence is so unusual and beautiful! And the street organ is like a work of art itself, it is beautiful.

Hootin Anni said...

I love all the Dutch scenes, but the two photos of your girls are favored!!!

16 blessings'mom said...

What a beautiful day, and those tulips are absolutely awesome. I never knew there was such a place in Michigan, wow. Thank you for sharing, so cool!

R's Rue said...

This post is full of beauty. Thank you for sharing. I love all the tulips.

Jeanette said...

I think I left a comment on the previous post about this post!

Changes in the wind said...

Wonderful pictures!! love that old windmill and the picture of Cassie in front of it.

Suemn said...

What a wonderful trip. I wouldn't have wanted to leave:)

Beside a babbling brook... said...

I love those ladies layered clothing!!!!!!!

Gorgeous flowers.

Very cute pics of family.

We visited Amsterdam Holland, many years ago, in the Spring. And took a side trip to gorgeous tulip gardens and other Dutch 'things.' :-)


Kerin said...

That is an amazing place, and the tulips are gorgeous!
I am especially smitten by the old buildings and that windmill... simply wonderful!!

Your daughters and Grand are beautiful, and I'm so glad that everyone had a nice time.


Sparky said...

Beautiful photos. Tulips are so lovely. I wish they would grow on our property. Alas, bulbs don't do well on my land (high, sandy, and dry). Got some dandy pine trees though! *lol*
Blessings. xx

happyone said...

We went there a bunch of years ago and really enjoyed it. So many of your pictures I've seen in person. :)
My mothers side of the family is Dutch.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

I have that on my bucket list to do some year! I just want to jump into your photos. It all looks like a storybook. And tulips are one of Annie's favorite flowers. 😊 Have a blessed week ahead! xo

Terri D said...

Oh, Mari, the tulips are so pretty! What a wonderful town and event! I remember you posting about it before. Do they have Dutch food for sale? I don't see any food trucks or restaurants... (of course I'm thinking about food!). Cassie (and all) is adorable!! xo

Jean said...

Wow, I LOVE all of this so much!!! You live in such a lovely area, close to so many beautiful places.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Sounds like a very fun event. The tulips are beautiful, and I love that picture of Cassie, Heather and Laura in front of the windmill and tulips. Even the bike is very colorful.

Jenny the Pirate said...

I've wanted to see that for what seems like centuries. Maybe someday I'll get to go. Like Henry says, "If you ain't Dutch, you ain't much" ... hahaaaa xoxo

Kim said...

Very pretty! I think that I would love to spend a day there...among all those tulips!

LL Cool Joe said...

It looks like an interesting place to visit, a slice of Holland in the States! It's amazing how delft has a timeless appeal. It's not my type of look but it's so traditionally Dutch.

Cassie is growing up fast!

Laura said...

It was such a nice morning, you got a lot of nice pictures!

Debi said...

Beautiful photos... I love the one of Cassie and all the tulips!