Sunday, May 1, 2022

Girlie weekend

 We had our girlies overnight this weekend.  We always have fun together and we did again this time.  I apologize right now for all the photos!

Laura and Aaron brought them to our house and we all had supper together.  Before they left, the girls talked them into playing some Wii games.

Here's Alaina racing Aaron.

Laura and Alaina boxing.

Laura and Aaron left and the girls put on the pj's.

Alaina had to show us her sloth pj's.  :)

Then we played the game of Life on Wii.  

It was a long game - took over 2 hours!  But we sure had fun and laughs.

The next morning, Bob mad breakfast for the girls.  Cinnamon rolls made in the mini waffle maker.

They turned out good - and Ruby said Grandpa was a better cook than Grandma.   :)

Then the girls talked Bob into setting up the playhouse downstairs again.  We had taken it down at Christmas when Andy and Nikki stayed over, and the girls have been missing it. This is a playhouse Bob built for our girls when they were little.

Happy girls!

After that, we did some painting of little canvases.

Alaina mixing up paints.

I found a kit that let you spin and tilt the canvas to move the paint.  They also had a tip from Bob to use a straw to blow it.  (Not my idea, because you know it made a bit of a mess, but they had fun!)

Alaina's finished art work - she said it's a giant wave.

Both girls beautiful works, setting out to dry.

They had been playing on the piano, and Ruby called Bob and I in to listen.  She said Alaina was doing a recital and we had to "encourage her". 

So we listened and clapped!

Then it was time to head home.

We stopped at Great Grandpa and Great Grandma' house.  We brought McDonalds and shared fries with them.

Great Grandma brought out this parrot that records what you say and says it back.  They thought it was pretty funny.

After a fun visit, we brought them home.  What a fun filled time we had!


Deb J. in Utah said...

You always have a lot of fun with your granddaughters. :-) Have a good week.

Ginny Hartzler said...

NOT too many pictures for me! Because we have granddaughters around the same age. I always love seeing what you have for them. Bob has serious skills; the playhouse is awesome! So adorable. Alaina's spin art does look like a beautiful ocean wave.

Anni said...

I never get tired of your girls and their photos!!! I wish I could listen to her playing the piano ! Maybe next time?

Great art work.

Suemn said...

It sounds like another fun weekend with your granddaughters:) I bet your dad and step-mom love seeing the girls too.

R's Rue said...

Great memories made.

Beside a babbling brook... said...

3 generations have fun, and the 4th, gets time off. -smile-


Donna said...

Aww! Love the playhouse! My dad built me a house in our backyard to! I LOVED playing in it...had a porch, windows...lattice trim. Wish I had a photo of it! Thanks for the memory!

Sparky said...

What fun! The photos make me smile too. Glad y'all had a good time.
Blessings. xx

Terri D said...

Your girls are so sweet, so pretty, and so loving! I love how you enjoy those weekends with them and that great-grandparents are always included. Memories that will be treasured forever!! xo

Cheryl’s Sunlit Pathway said...

That all looks like great fun! You have a lovely family. What a huge blessing for you. Everyone looks so happy!

Debi said...

I love hearing about your visits with your girls. We are missing our littles. The three "big guys" still live here but between sports and work we don't see them nearly often enough. Have a great week!

Laura said...

They sure were excited to have their playhouse back up! And after they were home, they got out craft supplies to make their own game of Life since they had so much fun! :)

Jeanette said...

Aww looks like a lot of fun! You can tell your granddaughters love spending time with you!

Jenny the Pirate said...

That may be the most fun-filled overnighter you've had with them in recent memory! Love it! The cinnamon rolls in the mini waffle maker was my fave part but I think I would've gone big for Ann's repeating parrot too, haahaha! Next time give the girls a hair dryer to push that paint around. You may want to drape your furniture first, haaaahahaaaaa! xoxo

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Another perfect weekend with Grandpa and Grandma 😊 Love it!