Wednesday, October 4, 2023

A day in my life... October

Welcome October!
As I always do, I've taken pictures of how the first day of the month went for me.  
October 1 was a Sunday, so it was a different day than my usual going to work posts.

We were up around 7:30, had breakfast, got ready and left the house at 8:45.

Here's a view of our front yard as we left for church.

Our church is not far away, and we arrived about 8:55.  Bob headed to the Sunday school class he's teaching, and I went to my class.
Sometimes we do class together, but there's a womans class that I'm enjoying this time.  We're studying Habakkuk, a book with only 3 chapters, but full of good things!

Sunday school is done around 10, and our regular service starts at 10:15am

People are just starting to make their way into the sanctuary.
Our service was done around noon and shortly after that we headed for home.

I went into the back yard to get a tomato for lunch.  We're still getting some nice ones.

Look at the back yard!  The grass is really starting to grow.  The patch with no grass is going to be a new flower bed.

We had grilled panini sandwiches for lunch.  Mine had some of the fresh tomato on it.  They were yummy!

We sat and read the paper, then I decided I needed to take a drive to enjoy the beautiful weather we had.  It was 82 degrees and sunny - too nice to stay inside!  This is our road. You can see most of the trees are green, but we are getting a bit of color.

I went to the Grand River which is just a few miles from our house.

I took a little walk and went under the bridge, which is always an interesting view.

I saw a little bit of yellow as I looked up in the trees.

It was so nice that I saw boats and several jet ski's on the water. Can you see the jet ski's here are the right?

I went home after this and did a little reading.

Then it was time for supper.  We had an easy supper.  I had mixed up pizza burger on Saturday, so we only had to put it on buns and broil it.  We put it on trays, and went to the porch to eat.

Here's Bob, enjoying supper.  We feel like we better sit on the porch while we can, because soon it will be too cold.

Then we were back in the house.  We usually watch Gardeners World and a British mystery show on Sunday night.  It's a nice relaxing evening!

And just like that, the first day of the month is done!


Deb J. in Utah said...

What a lovely Sunday you had. I love seeing pictures of your home and yard. You have a beautiful place. Your Sunday dinner looks yummy. I will have to research and see if you have posted that recipe before. Looks like one I would like to try. This was a fun post to read. See you again soon!

Ginny Hartzler said...

We love the British mysteries! So much that we subscribe to the Britbox channel. I really like your porch. And you have such a huge and beautiful back yard!

roentare said...

The panini sandwiches look nice to eat. What a relaxing Sunday for you.

Terri D said...

Thanks for taking us along on your Sunday!! October is already speeding by. I don't know where the time goes anymore. Barefoot and dinner on the porch is to be enjoyed as long as you can!! Hugs!!

Sandi said...

What a peaceful day.

Suemn said...

You live in a very nice place in the country:) I can't believe how nicely that new grass has grown. I'm going to have to reseed this year and it seems like just the right time as we've been getting some nice Fall rains.

R's Rue said...

Love seeing these posts

happyone said...

So nice having your church so close to home. We have to travel 22 miles.

I love panini sandwiches and yours look delicious.

What I lovely place to go for a walk.
Yes, I see the jet ski's.

Know what you mean about sitting on the porch. We are doing the same thing. :)

Jean said...

I love everything about your October 1st! Once in a while I enjoy a quiet Sunday without grandchildren. Doesn't happen ofter.

Barbara said...

What a beautiful post, Mari! Both of us have featured a local lake in our blog posts. Yours is beautiful and looks full, the water level high.

As for enjoying your meals on the porch while you can, here in Florida we are just now able to get back to our porch, now that the temps are cooling to a bearable degree!!

Great-Granny Grandma said...

Lovely photos, Mari.
I very much enjoyed getting to share your day with you.

Jenny the Pirate said...

And a completely idyllic day it was! Your shots around the Grand River are stunning, Mari! So clear and gorgeous! What a beautiful time of year. I'm surprised y'all haven't got more color by now but I guess it will be showing up any day. We've not had much rain so I'm beginning to worry that our color won't be nice when it finally does appear, which is usually in November! xoxo

Jeanette said...

Looks like a wonderful Sunday! We too have been spending as much time as possible sitting outside!