Monday, June 11, 2012

Dad's School

Sometimes when we have free time, Heather and I like to do what we call "adventuring". This involves driving in the country, usually on dirt roads, and trying to go places we haven't been before. When I was young, my Dad used to take us on Sunday drives that were similar in nature. I hated it then, but now I enjoy it!
On this day we were near the area I grew up in and I was showing Heather places I remembered from my childhood.
When we drove by this "barn" I knew she would be thrilled to hear that in its former life, it was a one room schoolhouse, and that my Dad went to school here.
Dad is one of 10 kids, and they all attended school here. He is 81 years old, so this building has been around for awhile. It's had a few additions put off the sides of it, the front door was removed and a sliding door put on and it hasn't been painted for some time. However - you can see the old design.

I love these old windows.

There is a piece added on to the left side of the building that holds another thing from the past. I would have liked to walk up and check this out, but I was good and stayed on the road. It looks like a neat old car though!

It was a fun adventure!


Anonymous said...

I love adventures like you describe. What a great old building. Love those windows, especially.

ancient one said...

That is the kind of thing I like to do. I love the old school building. And the old car in the building. Great shots!!

Unknown said...

This is absolutely fascinating. Thank you for sharing this real life history lesson with us! Incredible!

Beth said...

I love this! I've read several memoirs of oldtime school teachers and the set-up and conditions that they had to deal with make me appreciate today's educational world even with all its frustrations. The little building you featured looks like a room added for the teacher's quarters, which were sometimes attached. But you said the side buildings were added later, so I guess that's not its purpose.

That had to be a super fun day, Marie!

I just viewed the videos of Alaina and I have a big smile on my face. She loves to bounce--love the sounds, facial expression, and body movements of that age!

I like how she looked up at you wh
en Oliver took off. Dillon and Addy still can't understand why George runs and hides from them. They just want to pet him. But he does not like their version of petting! He hides in the basement until he's certain the house is totally empty of the little 'terrors' to him but grandkids to us.:>)

Betty W said...

Me and hubby take Sunday drives together. But I love that you do that with your daughter. I'm sure she loves hearing those old stories of her heritage.

Brooke said...

what a fun piece of personal history!! :) i love stuff like that. when i run downtown, i run by the "hospital" where my dad was born. it is only a 1 story office building now - not much bigger than a house would be. it was a big deal in its time though, he was the only kid in his family not to be born at home!

Sharon said...

Oh you did bring back some childhood memories as I remember we used to love to go for Sunday off the beaten path roads when I was growing up in IL.
I still enjoy doing it today but we don't do it very often.
What great shots you got.
I am looking for a new camera so I was wondering what you use to get photos like you do?

LL Cool Joe said...

Sounds like a fun adventure and what memories that old barn must have! Wow. I'd like to see a close up view of that car too!

Jenny said...

You have quite the nose (and eye) for Americana, Mari!

Brenda said...

Love the old like that. Brings back fond memories where ever you're at, doesn't it?
I've recently been enjoying taking pictures of old weathered warehouses--doors, docks, light fixtures. I've got some neat ones (and you know how much I'm lacking in the photo-taking dept.!) but they came out pretty good.