Monday, July 5, 2010

Longwood Gardens

I'm back with another installment of our trip to Pennsylvania. On our last day there, we drove to Longwood Gardens. It was about 1 1/2 hours from our hotel, but was worth the drive. It exceeded any expectations we had of it!
This land was purchased in 1906 by Pierre DuPont so he could preserve the trees that were there. They had been planted by a Quaker family named Pierce, who had owned the property since the 1700's. They had an interest in botany and had planted many trees and started one of the first public parks. Mr DuPont took care of it until his death in 1954 and created much of what is enjoyed today.
This garden is huge and I took so many pictures that I can't put them all in one post. I put many of them into collages to make it easier for you to view them.
Here are just a few of the nooks, walls and pathways we encountered!

The original home of the DuPont's remains on the grounds

This shows the center courtyard in the house along with the arched doors on the side of the courthouse. The stairway is in the entry of the house.

Here is the grand ballroom along with the organ that is in it. There were several rooms filled with different organ pipes.

There was a section filled with bonsai trees. The 3rd tree from the right was started in 1906. They are each about 12-18 inches tall and are trees or bushes that are quite common. The first one is a type of cypress, the second an azalea and the last is a birch.

This is called the Canopy Cathedral. It's a fancy tree house.

I don't know what this plant is, but I liked the curtain effect.

There was a large area filled with topiary. What fun!

This is 7 acres filled with fountains.

Another spot filled with ponds and water lilies.

This is a type of water lily. It's called a platter lily.

All through the gardens are inviting little areas to sit and take it in. I think this is a good place to stop. I'll be back tomorrow with more from the gardens.


Karin said...

Love those platter lilies! Have never seen anything like it. Those lilies are gorgeous! What a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing these pics - very enjoyable!

Cherdecor said...

I don't remember the Canopy cathedral. That means we will have to go back to see it. Your pictures of Longwood are beautiful!

Unknown said...

I'm putting this garden on the list of a must see someday!!! So pretty, kind of enchanted like.

Country Wings in Phoenix said...

Hi Mary Sweetie...
Oh thank you for the wonderful tour today. Oh my gosh. I love the tree house. Is that not the most gorgeous thing ever? I would be living there all the time.

I love the curtain effect plant. That is just awesome. And ofcourse who wouldn't love the topiaries? That must have been lots of fun. Were they really tall? They look tall to me.

The acreage with the fountains. Oh how beautiful and well kept they are.

The water lillies were breathtaking. I loved the purple one most of all. Can you imagine what fun it would be to work there? I would love being a gardener there. I loved the little seating area you shared at the last. What a peaceful place to catch your breath and enjoy nature around you.

Oh this is the BEST trip (virtual) I have taken in a long time. I have now been indoors for 2 1/2 months and this Friday I am hoping to be released.

Thank you so much for sharing with me. I feel as though I have taken the vacation of a lifetime.

I love you sweetie...Sherry

Connie said...

Beautiful Looks like you had perfect weather.

Kari said...

So good of Mr Dupont to preserve such beauty.
I love those Bonsai trees and I've never seen a platter lily before - very interesting.
thanks for sharing your photos, look forward to more.
Hope you had happy celebrations for the 4th of July!

Unknown said...

Wow Mari! I'm in awe. I could get lost visiting there. So much to see. Did you go inside the tree house?

Kim said...

Absolutely beautiful place! Will put that on my "want to visit" list :D Ivan and I love going to gardens of any kind.

Appreciate your prayers. Intense back pain has kept me up all night. Reading blogs is helping keep my mind from focusing totally on the pain :D

Hootin Anni said...

Gorgeous!! Everything!! But that staircase is just dazzling! Oh to live in the 'old world charm' of a home like that. {{{sigh}}}

Lynn said...

Patrick took me here for our first DECEMBER! They do a lovely lights display. Thousands of lights through all of their gardens and a concert of fountains and lights.

Just Mom said...

Oh my goodness, how BEAUTIFUL!

Brooke said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Jenny said...

My soul ... looks like paradise. I've always wanted to go there. A photographer's dream!

Penny said...

Oh my gosh! You go to the coolest places ever!!!

Mindy said...

It sounds like you had a great trip and you got such terrific pictures too. I feel like I was there with you!