Sunday, June 16, 2024

Shower Time!

My youngest niece, Shaelyn who is my sister Terri's daughter, is getting married this Fall. We had a family bridal shower for her on Saturday at our house.

Shaelyn's fiance's name is Jonny, he and his family live in Indiana.  His mom, 3 sisters and 2 grandma's drove up here for the shower.
We had the shower in the family room in our basement.  Here's a few photos from that evening.

Here's a little decoration on the gift table.

Here's our food table with a big balloon arch over it.  My daughter Laura did the balloons and they really looked cute.
We had chicken salad croissants, chips, spinach salad, stuffed tomatoes, chocolate dipped strawberries, punch and cake.  It was all good!

Here's the whole gang!

My sister Cheri planned a fun game involving cake testing. She got these different flavored cupcakes, split our group into teams and put blindfolds on everyone. They tried to come up with the flavor of the cake which our guests said was not easy when you didn't see the cake.  The team with the most right won.  Our flavors were german chocolate, key lime, apple crisp, peanut butter cup, cookie dough and strawberry cheesecake.

Time to open gifts!  Here's our bride-to-be with her sister Kaitlyn.

And here's Shaelyn with the cake.

We had a fun evening and enjoyed getting to know Jonny's family.


Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Mari! Looks like a great shower! I really love your bookcase in the background of the group shots. It looks like you went all out and that everyone had a good time. I hope you have a good week. See you again soon!

Ginny Hartzler said...

The food table is both stunning and fun! The cupcake game sounds like fun. Couldn't help noticing your rug is absolutely spotless!! Or maybe that is just compared to mine!

Susan said...

Sounds like the shower was a success! Congratulations to the bride to be!

roentare said...

This is like a magnificent celebration! So much joy in the pics

DUTA said...

Beautiful food table, and the balloons above!
Great pictures of the entire family, of the cake and the cupcake game!

Sparky said...

Those are lovely decorations. I'm glad y'all had a good time. Looks like fun. Congratulations all around! 💙

R's Rue said...

How sweet.

Donna said...

Oh my...the table of goodies looks wonderful! Especially the punch!
Congratulations to Shaelyn and Jonny!

Jeanette said...

That looks really nice!

Debby said...

Those cupcakes are a work of art. I bet they tasted good as well. Almost too pretty to eat!
Looks like a fun time for all.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Shaelyn has the sweetest smile, and I have always thought so. Congratulations to her and Jonny! Everything looked delicious and wonderfully planned, as per usual at your house! The autumn wedding will be lovely. xoxo

Suemn said...

Oh my, I am impressed by the balloon arch. I couldn't make anything like that. The cupcakes look delicious. The bridal shower luncheon sounds perfect.

happyone said...

Looks like a great time.
The game trying to guess the different cakes sounds like fun!!
The food table looked delicious and what a clever idea with the balloons.

Terri D said...

Your basement family room is just the best place for gatherings like that (and getting the family together)!! The decorations were lovely and I'm sure it was enjoyed by all who attended!! I enjoyed seeing and hearing about it!!

Lowcarb team member said...

What a lovely celebration.
Everything looks and sounds great.

All the best Jan

Mandy said...

Aww! Your niece is so cute! I know y’all had a fun time! The cupcakes look amazing! Yum!

Prims By The Water said...

How fun to have a cake tasting. I would love to do that. The balloons looked AWESOME. So did the food table. Cn you tell I am hungry right now LOL Janice

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a fun shower.
The decorations are lovely, as is the bride-to-be.

Jean said...

How nice of you to host her shower! What a cute girl she is!

That cupcake game sounds so fun and yummy!!!

Judy said...

What a nice shower you put on, everything looked so pretty, especially the cupcakes and what a fun game I'll have to remember that one. Congratulations to the couple.