Sunday, May 21, 2023

Some change is happening here!

 Last week something happened that Bob has been anticipating for some time.  He retired!  He will turn 65 in a few weeks and had been planning this for some time.
He isn't going to completely quit working; he'll still be going in a few days a week but won't be having to do manager duties, work Saturdays or stay late one night a week.  There will be more time to spend with family and do things around the house.
His workplace did some things to send him off nicely!

On Monday, when he wasn't expecting anything, they had a surprise party.  Here he is with a bunch of the people he worked with.

They decorated his work area.

They wanted him to wear this crown - he said he wore it for a few minutes but wasn't going to do it all day.

They planned a lunch for him.

The girls and I had been notified and invited, so we were there for a while.  Bob was showing Cassie around,

Laura, Heather, Me, Bob and Cassie

"Most of us will miss you!"

This is Chad, one of the owners, doing a little presentation with a gift thanking him.  Take note of the decorated walker!

This is something Chad wrote and put on the store facebook page about Bob retiring:

"A bitter sweet moment for us here at Allendale True Value. We are sending off our own Robert Bruins to enjoy some retirement. We just want to take a minute to acknowledge who Bob has been for us and our True Value Family for the past 24 Years.
Many hats this man has worn for us from setting our displays to serving our customers. He has always been willing to move into whatever the need was at that time (and there have been many needs over 24 years). Bob really excelled at keeping the store neat, organized and well merchandised so we have big shoes to fill here.
We are most grateful for the time that Bob spent praying for our team, our families, our customers and our community. It's quite possible I have never met a man that has been more faithful in surfacing his Bible at the lunch table and when we'd invite him in to pray at a meeting or event it was a sermon in a prayer every time. Know that if you are reading this message, you've likely been prayed for!
Robert Bruins, thank you so much for your willingness to stand strong in your faith, be courageous in your walk and look out for us along your journey. We so appreciate your time with us and are super grateful you'll be hanging around yet for a couple days a week. We all hope and pray your time away from work is fruitful, healthy and some how used by God to further His kingdom. We have no doubt you'll be used some way!
If you are in the store today, be sure to wish Bob well. He'll be leaving for a few weeks vacation and then coming back at a part time level which we're extremely grateful for."

On his last day, employees lined the main aisle and cheered him as he left.  He was touched by all the kindness.

That night, we went out for supper, to a restaurant we both like that is in an old building with great ambiance.

I'm so thankful for all his hard work for all these years, and pray that he enjoys a little more free time.  He's not one to sit around, so I know he'll be finding lots to keep him occupied!

*People keep asking if I'm retiring too.  Not yet, I'm enjoying my job and will see how things go!


Deb J. in Utah said...

Congrats to Bob! I know he will be greatly missed at the store, but I am glad that he is going to slow down a bit and enjoy life. I was also wondering if you were going to retire as well. I am going to try to go three more school years, but I am keeping my options open. Once I hit 65, have Medicare and don't need my school health insurance I can leave any time, but until then, I won't retire. Have a great week.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow, what a sendoff!! It is so wonderful that they truly appreciated all that Bob has done! This is what my Phil did after he retired, he came back part time when they needed someone. It is really the best of both worlds since totally retiring all at once is a big adjustment!

Catherine said...

Congratulations to Bob! We are also waiting for my husband’s retirement, but still a few years.
Bob will have more time with his granddaughters!

roentare said...

It is such a positive act for celebration of Bob's retirement

Donna said...

Congratulations to your Bob!! What a great day...
My Larry retired in 2017 then I did in 2018. Just make sure you're ready to retire before you actually do it. Looks like Bob did it the right way.
What a great family of workers!

KEV. Robertson. said...

Hi Mari- Congratulations to Bob on his Retirement- 65? ...Bob looks good- I thought he was about 40...I'm turning 67 in about a weeks time- great having a Birthday. Best Wishes. KEV.

Suemn said...

Congratulations to Bob! He'll for sure enjoy more free time at home. It's nice that he'll still be able to go into work at his True Value job but just not put in all the hours that he had been working. I can tell that the company/people Bob worked for/with full time really value him and it's nice to know that Bob will still be around for them:)

Jan said...

Congratulations to Bob! We've been retired for over 10 years and we love it! We seem to be busier than when we were working, but now, we're busy doing the things we choose!

DUTA said...

The appreciation shown to Bob by owner and staff is very moving! Wishing Bob a happy and full of satisfaction retirement!

Mandy said...

Aww, congratulations to Bob! What an accomplishment! You can tell from that post his coworker made that he was a very special part of making the store run so smoothly! So excited for y’all that he will get to have more time for the things he loves most!

Henny Penny said...

Congratulations to Bob! Sounds like he was much loved and respected by his co-workers. He's a good man. Cassie has grown so much...and that blond hair. I thought she was going to be a brunette. :) She is adorable.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Aawww - congrats to Bob! I can just tell he's such a kind, fun faith filled fella from all that you share. I'm sure they will miss him being there regularly. More time for his AMAZING wood working skills! ;) I hope this next chapter blesses him with lots of joy and grandkiddo time. 💕 xoxo

happyone said...

What a wonderful sendoff to retirement. The tribute is inspiring and a great testimony.
Congratulations Bob, I'm sure you'll enjoy being retired.

Pam said...

CONGRATS!!! Retiring is nice

Terri D said...

Congratulations, Bob!! Kinda nice that you are still going to go in a couple of days a week. That makes the transition a little easier, perhaps. Enjoy your "you" time!!

Beth Cotell said...

Happy retirement! What a great party and such a sweet letter!

Jeanette said...

Congratulations to Bob! He'll love every minute of it! They gave him a nice send off at the store!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Congratulations to a precious man. To have your faith acknowledged as the owner did, along with comments about one's work ethic, is what it's all about. I know they will miss Bob but I can see him enjoying long days in his wood shop and working in the yard, and of course completing your honey-do list(s), Mari, haahaa! I hope you both REALLY enjoy your upcoming vacation! xoxo

R's Rue said...

What wonderful words. To know that one’s faithfulness is noticed and appreciated.

Great-Granny Grandma said...

What a nice tribute to Bob.
Love the crown, and the picture of him walking with Cassie.