Sunday, August 7, 2022

A Day in my Life; August

 As usual, I have some pictures to show you how the first day of the month went for me.

It was a Monday so I was at work about 8:15 in the morning.

The first thing I did was flip my desk calendar over to a new month, and found pictures of my cuties from the year before.

It was a crazy day, weather wise.  You can't really tell on this picture, but it was just pouring in this photo.

And then, an hour later the sun was shining.  It flipped back and forth like that several times during the day.

At one point, our little twin fawns came to visit.  They are getting bigger!

It was a very busy day.  We usually have 6 nurses working, but on this day - and the whole week, 2 people were off on vacation, so there were only 4.

These are all the faxes and responses I did on that day.
My task for the day was nurse follow up.  That means that I handled all the faxes from facilities reporting things - like falls, follow up on weights or vital signs, concerns or questions on medications.  For each of those things we fill out an encounter in the computer, get the answer back from the physician, then notify the facility or patient of the answer and if this includes medicine orders, I send that order to the pharmacy. This also includes filling out death certificates and getting them back to the funeral home. We also get lots of phone calls, which we take turns answering.
One paper that I had to fill out was inspiring.  This facility has a gym where the people can work out.  They need to have a form filled out by the doctor to say they are safe to do this.  The lady needing this form filled out was 98 years old!  She works out 6 days a week, for 30 minutes each day.  And yes - she was approved.  :)

I left on time, at 5 pm and was trying to make it to the eye doctor to pick up new glasses.  They closed at 6 and I didn't want to be that person walking through the door a few minutes before closing time!

The sun was shining and it was very hot and humid (92 degrees) as I drove home.  I saw these cows along the way, seemingly not bothered by the heat.

I made it to the eye doctor at 5:32!  However, when I tried on the new glasses, we found there was a defect in one side that put a blurry spot in front of me.  So, the glasses are going back and will hopefully be in sometime this week.

When I left the eye doctor, the clouds were coming back out.

Bob had a men's gathering at church that night, which included supper for him.  I picked up a sub for supper, then tried to get a few things done because I knew I had a busy Tuesday and wouldn't have much time to do things around the house.

I've been cleaning out the kids room and I finished sorting their toys and books.

I did a few loads of laundry.

Then I sat and relaxed, looked at bloggs and did some catching up on facebook.

It was another good day!


Ginny Hartzler said...

It continues to impress me, the amount and variety of work you do! You are amazing!

Suemn said...

You got a lot done even after you worked all day. I was always so tired when I got home from work that most of the house chores like laundry were left for the weekend. I'm cheering you on though:)

A Joyful Cottage said...

From the photos it looks like your work site is in a wooded area. It's really beautiful there. I love your desk calendar with your sweet grands. I admire your ability to come home from a very busy day and find the determination and energy to do home chores. Usually I come home from work and crash! LOL Have a great week! Hugs.

R's Rue said...

I love these posts.

Changes in the wind said...

Great gift that calendar as sure to bring a smile. Love the view from your office, so green. You put in a full day and still go home and work....whew.

Donna said...

98!!! How wonderful! Hope I still have that kind of energy at 98...
Don't forget to take time for yourself sweet friend!!

Beside a babbling brook... said...

That older lady, who continues working out, is a Super Woman!!!! I love it!!!!!! Betcha' she is tiny and skinny as a rail, as opposed to must of old ladies, who are more "Well Nourished." Yes, I just got that, from another blog.

Back and forth weather and hot. Same here, on the other side of the Country!

You have a super busy day at work, and come home and do all sorts of things. I know you are a lot younger than I am, but.... -grin- You have to stop making me feel inadequate. -grin- LOL

Just be glad you can still do all those things!

Paula Alexandra Santos said...

Your cuties are very cute!
You had a busy day and I'm glad that even after doing all that, you had time to rest.
We are having cooler temps here in Portugal (thank God) and I hope it stays that way. Althought I wouldn't mind a bit of rain, too!
Have a blessed week!

happyone said...

Your weather sounds a lot like ours. :)
Love the farm scene.
Sounds like a busy and productive day.

Debi said...

Sounds like your week is going to be very busy. Sorry about your glasses, I hope they come back fixed properly. Hope you have a great week!

Jeanette said...

You had a busy day! I'll take a sub sandwich for dinner any time!

Catherine said...

I am back! My son has fixed the problem!
I am amazed by the amount of work you can do!

Doris said...

Wow, paper work no matter what/where the job =) Nurse life for sure. I always love reading about your first day!

DUTA said...

Quite a busy day, both at the office and at home!
You are a superwoman, and have my full admiration.

roentare said...

You truly had a busy day. Aren't we all trapped in the busy cycle of things?

Dianna said...

You had a very busy day the first day of August! I'm glad that looking at that pile of faxes didn't discourage certainly had your work cut out for you. And YAY for the 98 year old lady who works out 30 minutes a day! That is so awesome.

Loved the picture of the clouds. Our friend Betsy posts several cloud pictures on IG and I always enjoy yours too.

Terri D said...

Your weather on that day sounds like Florida summer weather!! Rain, sun, rain, sun... I just love that calendar they made for you!! That is a huge pile of paperwork, Mari. Glad you got through it and could go home on time!! Yikes! Thanks for taking us along on your first day of the month. Always interesting and fun! xo

Hootin Anni said...

Ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato, and mayo please!!! Of course Italian bread. 😊.

I am amazed at her age, working out...and approved to do so.

It's so green there! Here it's a crusty brown with the drought.

Love the fawns ( yearlings?)

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Always love checking in on your day. God bless all the wonderful work you do Mari-girl! I love that you have that pretty window view and can keep tabs on your deer family. ;) The fields and areas around you are so pretty. xo

Jenny the Pirate said...

I read this yesterday but forgot to comment, I was so wiped out from Henry's party over the weekend. Which reminds me, I need to blog about that. As usual you pack so much into a day! See, if I worked all day and came home and had the house to myself and no supper to cook, I'd eat cinnamon toast in front of the TV, hahahaha xoxo

Jean said...

Your job gives me stress just reading about it, hahahaha! I'm so impressed!

Your weather sounds just like ours, but I'm not complaining since I don't need to be outside all day.