Sunday, July 13, 2008

I never promised you a rose garden - but I've got others!

There are more flowers blooming all the time! Before I show them to you I have to clarify something. I have received nice comments on "my" flowers and I have to remind you that they are more Bob's flower than mine. He is the gardener in the family. Sometimes I help pick them out and I may make a suggestion here and there, but he is the planner, the planter and the weeder! I am mainly the admirer and photographer! With that said - here are this weeks best blooms:
Remember the Gaillardia from a month ago? It's still blooming.

This is called Veronica or Speedwell. It isn't a big plant but looks pretty growing in little clumps. It looks really nice in front of our yellow Stella D'oro lilies.

This is a cherry yarrow. The leaves are feathery and this particular type has bright pinkish red flowers.

We don't know the name of this flower. We got it from Karla and Diane a few years ago and have enjoyed those bright, cheerful flowers ever since.

These lilies are growing out by Bob's workshop.

This is called Dragon's Blood Sedum. It is a ground cover that is covered with these bright red flowers in the middle of summer.
I hope you aren't sick of looking at these. I love to admire them, as soon there will be snow where the flowers are now!

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Cherdecor said...

Your flowers are lovely. Bob does a great job with them! I love flowers! We didn't plant nearly as many this year as we have in the past. We are trying to put in many perennials too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful flowers!!

To be so interested in so many things, I have to confess that I have black thumbs. Plants of any kind are not my thing, which is sad coming from the daughter of a botanist.

Have a great week! I'll be at the beach in FL.

Melissa said...

Those are beautiful flowers! I especially love the yarrows. :)

Amy said...

Yours and Bob's flowers are lovely!

Terri said...

I love the cherry yarrows too. They are beautiful. Bob does do a great job with the landscaping.

A Stone Gatherer said...

The flowers are beautiful, but please please do not mention the "S" word, either of them "Snow" or "School"! I may have to run screaming from the room!

Diane said...

I love "Bob's" flowers! They are beautiful!! This is why I love spring and summer best because of all the different colored flowers!

Cheri said...

The flowers are beautiful.
We have those same lillies in our backyard.

AlaneM said...

Kudos to Bob - I'd love for Chris to be like that too. I have visions of a wonderful yard full of flowers, and then I half kill the few of them I end up planting.
Planning, check.
Buying, check.
Starting to plant, check.
Following through, notsomuch!

Mary said...


I love Gillardia. It is called blanket flower here and it blooms all summer long if you dead head. I also like the yellow one really well and have seen it in many gardens but never in a garden center. I would love to know what it is so I could ask for it by name.

Thanks so much for sharing your beautiful blooms.


Anonymous said...

Can Bob come live with us? We love flowers, but hate caring for them :(

Anonymous said...

Love the sedum, very pretty, Bob does great work,, just like his sisters huh?!

Shelly said...

Bob does a very nice job on the planting and taking care of the flowers.

Rebekah said...

well then I need to hire Bob- because I am terrible at growing flowers

Dena said...

beautiful - i need a bob - i can't keep window boxes alive!

Lynn said...

Beautiful...just beautiful.

Laura said...

I'm not sick of looking at them - they're beautiful!
I keep telling Aaron that someday I want my yard to look like Dads!