Sunday, April 7, 2024

A Day in my Life, April

Here we are in April already!
Here's how the first day of the month went for me.

I left my house a little after 7.  This is on the corner down from our house.  It was a beautiful morning, only 35 degrees, but a pretty sunrise.

Not a great photo, but by 7:30, the sun was getting really bright as I drove.

I was almost at work when I saw these cranes out in the field.

I arrived at the office about 7:45 and got things opened up.
Mondays are always busy, lots of people calling about things that came up on the weekend, lots of meds to refill.
My job on this day was handling lab results and messages from the doctors.  That means calling patients to tell them results and new orders, finding out information and getting it back to doctors, placing referrals...  It's never the same and never boring!

Here's my computer and the view out my windows.  See the bird on the feeder?  We have lots of birds to watch. Sometimes they perch on the window and watch us.  :)

We have a golf course on the side of our building, and a sign that Spring is coming, is seeing the golf carts out there.

I left work about 5pm.  It was getting cloudy and was 43 degrees.

This barn is on my drive and I've been watching it deteriorate slowly.  Now there is a sale sign on the property, so I think it won't be long before it's knocked down and something else is built there.

On the way home it started raining, and didn't stop all night.

We had an easy supper - just leftovers to heat up.

I started up some laundry.

Then I started the dishwasher and tidied the kitchen.

Then I started working on my menu plan and grocery list.  I do meal planning in a little calendar book, and order the groceries online. Then I pick them up on my way home from work.  It works well for me and I find it stops impulse purchases.

Then I did some reading.  This book was passed on to me by a friend at work who said it was very good.  It's about army nurses during the Vietnam war.  So far, I'm really liking it.

Shortly after 11, it was time for bed, the end of another good day!


Ginny Hartzler said...

That old barn is such a beautiful and lonely photo. I love your kitchen! It reminds me a bit of ours. We have a window like this over our sink, and light cabinets. Cranes! They are a rare sight here, and I have only seen them one time.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Hi Mari. I always enjoy your first day of the month posts. I hope that your April is off to a good start. Glad to hear that you like that book. I have heard quite a bit about it. Maybe I will have to read it. I was young, but I do remember seeing all of the nightly reports about the Vietnam War on the news. Have a good week. See you again soon!

roentare said...

I would visit that abandoned hut and cottage there

Kim said...

What a cool barn! I’m sure the structure needs work or maybe it’s beyond repair, but I sure hate to see old buildings go. You’ll have to let us know what they put up instead!

Jeanette said...

Looks like a nice first day of April for you! I love the white cabinets and dark counters in your kitchen! Looks so bright and inviting! I have that book from Kristen Hannah on hold at the library. Everyone says it's really good!

Debby said...

There was an old barn by me that I watched deteriorate over the years - it finally blew down about a month ago. Now it’s just a big heap of barn wood.
It must be hard to leave your country home in the morning. It looks so peaceful.
Your meal planning and grocery shopping sounds productive.

Judy said...

Seemed like a very nice day you had. Too many of those old barns are falling down especially around here, but sadly they won't get cleaned up just left there for the wood to rot, so sad.

Dianna said...

It looks like you had a busy first day of April! It makes me sad to watch old barns begin to fall apart. I love old barns.

The book sounds really interesting.

I like your routine for meal planning and ordering your groceries.

Happy@Home said...

I enjoy reading your day in the life posts. Your days sound full and you seem to manage them in a very organized manner. Love a nice tidy kitchen at the end of the day. Yours is so pretty.

R's Rue said...


Prims By The Water said...

I too do my meal planning, but on my computer. Its a shame about the barn falling down. Am sure the new owners will tear it down, as we went to an estate sale awhile back, the new owner was going to tear most of the buildings down because each building he would be taxed on. Not sure if this is true, but such a shame we are losing our rural Michigan and America. I wish I had your work view. Janice

happyone said...

Sounds like a nice and productive day.
You certainly have a nice view at work. :)

Billie Jo said...

These are my favorite posts! I love spending the day with you and seeing little pieces of your world. I love your kitchen! And I love leftover nights! Have a cozy evening, my friend.

Jenny the Pirate said...

Some great pictures in this post, Mari. I like it that you had everything from a fiery sunrise to a mild-ish day to a cozy rainy evening at home. That would suit me fine. No more snow! And the Cubs are in San Diego for a road trip so we won't be dodging the windy raw wet weather (on our TV) in Chicago for while either, hahahah! Go Cubs Go ... xoxo

Lowcarb team member said...

Sounds a good day.
I enjoyed seeing your photographs especially the old barn.

All the best Jan

Terri D said...

I just shook my head at people golfing in 35-45 degree weather! Wow!! I always enjoy your first-day-of-the-month posts, Mari. How sad to watch that fine old barn fall down. I think I love Barnwood Builders because they save history for us. Keep us posted on what happens next, please! Have a blessed week!!

The Happy Whisk said...

I love your kitchen. Sopeaceful. And that view from the office is lovely.

The Happy Whisk said...

PS. I thought I was already following your blog. Found out just now that I wasn't. Now I am. Congrats on the new baby boy headed into the family. That's exciting news!

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Another wonderful day in the books! I loved seeing the golf cart - makes my heart pitter pat because I love to golf and my back is finally going to allow me to do so this summer. Yay! So smart about the pick up of groceries for impulse. But like Matt jokes - that's half of our social life - picking up groceries or going to Costco together. Lol 😁

Debi said...

A busy day for you. I've never quite got the hang of menu planning. I wish I was more organized. I've heard that that book is very good. I've read several Kristin Hannah books and enjoyed them all. This one is on my TBR list. Have a great week!