Sunday, December 9, 2018

Another party

This past weekend we had another Christmas party.  This one was my Dad's family party.  He came from a family of 10.  4 have passed away and Dad is now the oldest at 84.  This family is a huge blessing.  They have passed on such a godly, christian heritage, are so loving and so fun!
The numbers are decreasing at this party as some of  the siblings have passed and some live out of state.  There were still about 65 people there.

Everyone sitting before supper.

My step mom, Dad and uncle.

 There were some crafts for the kids to do.

 Ruby with her finished snowman.

and Alaina with hers.

The kids always enjoy basketball.

Ruby was having fun playing catch with her Dad.

It was a fun night, and Alaina and Ruby came home with us and spent the night.
I'm thankful for family.


Joyful said...

It's so nice to have such a large family. I used to have a very large one. Now we are very small.

LL Cool Joe said...

Oh you managed to get a sleep over with the Grandkids. Lucky you! It looks to me like the kids had the most fun at the meal too! :D

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

You do have a huge family and are blessed for sure.

Arlene G said...

I think it is so wonderful that you continue to get together. I have found with Marvin's family that after his parents died, it is harder to get together. Of course we are all scattered across the southeast as well. I think it is important for the little ones to know they are part of a big and loving family.

Kerin said...

What a wonderful family tradition.
Fun memories for your Grands too.

Warm wishes.

Sally said...

There is nothing better than a loving, fun family gathering. I'm so glad y'all still get together like that. I miss our big family reunions.

The girls are so cute; they always are. I remember Ruby's hair when she was little! :)


Terri D said...

Such an amazing blessing, Mari!! Makes my heart smile!!

Doris said...

How nice! And you got the cutest little overnight guest too :)

Hootin Anni said...

A beautiful tradition.