Sunday, December 2, 2018

A Day in my Life

So here we are in December!
December 1 was a busy day for me.  We always have Bob's family Christmas party on the first Saturday of  December and with it falling on the first, it seemed very early.
This year was our turn to be in charge, so we had to be at the place we were renting by 2.  That meant lots had to be done in the morning.

 I started off by making a batch of cookies,

 and some fudge.  This fudge was Bob's Grandma's recipe, so it's a tradition and needs to be at the party!

 I got a load of laundry done.

and made a huge batch of pulled pork.

I packed up some gift bags for the little kids that would be there.

 We arrived at the lodge a little before 2.  It was a dreary day, cold and drizzly, so no one spent any time out here looking over the river!

This building is a beautiful log home with views of the Grand River out 2 sides.

Bob's brother and wife arrived shortly after we did and it didn't take long to get everything set up.
At 3 the rest of the family arrived.

 Here's the whole group eating supper.

 Bob's mom and step dad

 Heather and Andrew

Laura, Aaron and girls.

 Bob with two of his brothers

and the whole gang!

We got home about 8 at night, I stuck the crock pot in the sink to soak and relaxed.
I know I always say this, but it was another good day.  I guess it's a reminder of how blessed we are.


Debi said...

How fortunate you are to be able to get your family all together. It doesn't really matter when you celebrate as long as you get to do it at some point. By the way, your pulled pork looks sooooo yummy!

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

There is just nothing like family and especially at holiday time. I know everyone enjoyed the dinner and just being together.

Arlene G said...

What a beautiful setting Mari and I am sure a good time was had by all. I would have tried some of the pork with a piece of fudge for dessert!

Joyful said...

It looks like a lovely Christmas gathering and I do love the venue. Very pretty and such a nice family photo too.

Kerin said...

How wonderful for you to have time with family creating warm memories.
It's what the holidays are all about :)

Warm wishes.

Kerin said...

How nice to have time with family, making warm memories.
It's what the holidays are all about :)

Warm wishes...

Changes in the wind said...

Traditions are wonderful:) Love the last picture of all of you.

Jennifer Hays said...

It looks like so much fun, Mari. You have a really nice family. I just realized that your granddaughters look just like their dad, maybe it's just because the picture is from a little distance away, but the shape of their faces and features looks so alike to me!

Jenny said...

Wow I love that venue! And I love that kind of weather. Looks like a great party is in the books again. Seriously though, I marvel at what you got accomplished before two o'clock in the afternoon. I would have had to bake the cookies and make the fudge and pulled pork the day (or night) before. The morning would have been just enough time for me to drink coffee, get ready, put those little gift bags in a box, and leave the laundry for the NEXT day. Haaahaha xoxo

Sylvia said...

You were so busy, but it all looks amazing. Special to all be together.

Vicki said...

Wow, that's a big family! I love spending time with family all year round but the holidays make it much more special.

Terri D said...

A blessing, indeed, Mari!! Looks like a yummy good time for all and I love the photos you shared!

At Rivercrest Cottage said...

Enjoyed "spending the day" with you. We have lost so many members of our extended family that we no longer do the Christmas family party anymore. I will miss it.