Sunday, October 4, 2015

A day in my life - happy October!

Thursday was the beginning of October.  It's hard to believe!
As I usually do, I'm sharing what I did on the first day of the month.
Thursday is usually the busiest day of my week.  Our Dr comes and does rounds, I work with him and it's usually a late day.
I don't have to start until 8, so I get to sleep in till 5:50.  That's always nice!

 One of our nurses was celebrating her birthday today.  She has a nice surprise when she opened her office, to find that her daughters had snuck in the night before and decorated her office.  Isn't that sweet?

 Since I can't share many pictures of work due to privacy rules, I thought I would show you our facility bird.  This is Shakespeare.  Shakespeare is a girl!  She was named by one of our residents.  She's kinds of funny, she likes men and lets them rub her head, but not most women.

Management started hanging these signs around the building.  None of us know what it's about, but I guess we'll find out.

 I spent the morning doing paperwork and reports, also getting all the charts pulled and information ready for the Dr.  He comes after I've been there a while and leaves shortly after 4. When he leaves, I have to call the family members and tell them about any changes or new orders, make sure the pharmacy has orders and do paperwork if any narcotic orders are changed, put orders in the med and treatment book and put out a report of who was seen and their orders to the management and nurses.  When we started rounds, there were 13 charts on this cart.  Now all that's left are lab books and his folder,

I left shortly before 6.  I thought these grasses on the corner looked so pretty in the sunlight!

I took the back roads home.  They are the prettiest!  There's not much color here yet, but I bet this road will soon be gorgeous!

I try to have a freezer meal ready on the nights I work late.  Bob got home a little after 5 and popped it in the oven.  When I got home, supper was ready.  :)

After supper, I changed out this piece that sits on our dining room table.  It was time for the summer things to go and for Fall to take over!

Then I spent some time working on my Bible Study.  Have any of you used Priscilla Shirer's studies before?  Our church did one last year and really enjoyed it, and are doing this one now.  She is the daughter of Tony Evans and was in the movie War Room.  This study is on prayer.  Our Sunday School class is also talking about prayer and our pastor is doing a series on...  prayer!  I think God is telling me something,

It was a full day, but a good day.  Welcome October!


Sally said...

Mari, girl! You are one of the busiest ladies I know! Yet, you still take time to tell us what's going on in your busy world along with sharing wonderful photos. And, I have to say-I have so much appreciation for nurses; one of the most difficult jobs and hopefully very rewarding. :)


Betsy Brock said...

A very productive day! I had to laugh, though....decorating the table for fall would not even cross my mind had I been up that early and worked 12 hours. But it does look beautiful!

I love those back roads! We don't have many leaves turning yet either..just patched here and there. Can't wait!

Angie said...

I want to see War Room so bad!

Bethany Carson said...

Very neat to hear about your day! Shakespeare looks like a neat bird--it is strange though how she'd like men better than women. Some of the retirement homes we visit have birds--I remember one in particular where the birds really sant along with one of our concerts. I was hoping we weren't hurting their ears!

Bethany Carson said...

*really sang along

Hootin' Anni said...

Wow....long day indeed. But ever so productive. I liked the surprise birthday office decorations! And the Fall dining table decor. As I was in the passenger seat on the drive home tho, I was thinking, I bet you don't drive that road in the winter?!!! At least with heavy Michigan snows!

And to have dinner all ready when you get awesome is that?!!

Linda said...

I always enjoy reading how your day went, Mari. Thank you for posting such a lovely post. Blessings

Doris said...

I do enjoy hearing about your day. I know first hand all that goes into the Dr. Day in a nursing home. Nurses work hard!
Gotta have a little Fall inside, too :)
God Bless your day, Mari!

Changes in the wind said...

Loved that back road:) Bets the freeway for sure.

Jenny said...

Well I sure do appreciate your prayers, my friend. Also if I were making a drawing of a secret box (not that I could), I would draw it with the flaps closed. Oh and way to go Bob, having supper ready. That is all. xoxo

Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Thank you for 'taking us to work with you.' Glad that only comes once a month for you tho. What a coincidence - we are studying prayer in our SS classes and our Pastor is also bringing messages on prayer. It is the one thing the enemy cannot take away from us. Have a good week.

Amy at love made my home said...

It sounds like a very busy but good day. I hope that whatever the signs and the box turn out to be about that it is something very good! xx

Terri D said...

I do enjoy hearing about your day at work on the first of each month. I also think that back road you take home is beautiful - no matter the time of year. Thanks for sharing, Mari!

Jennifer Hays said...

Hi Mari, I always enjoy seeing a day in your life and this month was no exception. I particularly enjoy learning about your work, I think your job seems very interesting. I especially like the part where you called the patients' families to discuss medicine changes and treatments. I think that would be really interesting to do. How nice that Bob has dinner waiting for you, those freezer meals are such a great idea for you both!

Cherdecor said...

I always enjoy reading your first day of the month posts. I can't believe it! Not only do you and I like sticks,but we have the same table runner! Your table decoration is so lovely. And about Priscilla Shirer, I have one of her video studies that I bought while I lived in PA, and I loved it. I wish I could do a study with her again. I will have to look for this one. I know that you are enjoying it.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

I love getting a peek at your days like this! ;) TAkes me back to when I loved my job too.

I think that's hilarious about your facility Birds bias towards men. What a flirt. ;)

We've really started to turn golden around here. Hope you'll get some beautiful color soon too! I bet it won't be long now.

Love your Fall arrangement and I think you're right about God telling you something - so keep praying Girlie! Lol

Brenda said...

What a full day! That's funny about Shakespeare being a girl. My SIL had a similar bird they called Cowboy for 10 years before they found out it was a girl!
Are you going to take a pic of the trees changing on your beautiful country road...I would love to see that.

LL Cool Joe said...

You do seem to pack so much into one day that I always feel guilty! Ha.The bird that only loves attention from men made me laugh. :D