Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Cooking Thursday

When the weather gets warmer, I find we eat differently.  We eat lighter meals, which includes things like hot sandwiches.  This recipe is a great sandwich and a bonus is that it's made in the crockpot.
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BBQ Chicken Sandwiches

4 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1 container of your favorite BBQ sauce
1/2 can cherry coke
1/2 cup brown sugar

Mix together the BBQ sauce, cherry coke and brown sugar in crockpot.  Place chicken breasts in the sauce and stir to cover them.
Cook on low for 8 hours our until cooked through and tender.   Shred chicken with forks and serve on buns.


Marsha Young said...

Sounds yummy and you can make it in the crockpot? Super!

Betsy Brock said...

That looks really good! I think my favorite thing about the changing seasons is the changing menus! Comfort food is wonderful when it's cold, but changing to grilling and salads is nice, too. Then it's corn on the cob and garden tomato season! ha...and then back to apple crisp. OK..hungry now! haha.

Debbie Jones said...

This sounds really good. I made some BBQ beef with coke and it was excellent. Will give this one a try! Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week.

Unknown said...

Anything I can cook in the crockpot is a plus! This sounds yummy.

Brooke said...

we love bbq - i would have never thought to use a cherry coke. i'll have to try that! :)

Pat said...

Sounds good, but to sweet for my diabetic hubby. I would love it though!

Anonymous said...

We would love this! Hope you enjoy the upcoming weekend.

Anonymous said...

That looks so yummy and I will have to try it with the cherry coke
Have a great weekend
Ours is filled with graduations

Life and Breath and Everything Else said...

I wouldn't have ever thought of using the cherry coke, but it looks so good. My husband LOVES BBQ so this recipe looks like a keeper to me. Thank you.

Jenny said...

We've had this several times in recent months. I plan on making it again for Memorial Day. It's heavenly and takes about ten minutes to prepare, minus the time it's in the crock pot.