Friday, November 16, 2007

The Colors of Friendship Award

Karen, from Karen's Ramblings has blessed me with another award. This is the Colors of Friendship award and this is what the originator of the award said about it:

I want to nominate my following blogfriends for the Colors of Friendship Award. They color my life with the beautiful hues of friendship. Although we come from different backgrounds and cultures we share the same spirit of friendship.

The bloggers I am passing this to, don't necessarily have different cultures, but they all live in different countries and I would have never known them without blogging. Yet - I now "visit" them daily and consider them friends!

I have to start with Karen and pass this back to her. She is from New Zealand. My other nominees are:
Bonnie - Australia
Jennifer - Japan
Saija - Canada

Thanks to each of you for being my blogging friend!

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Bonnie said...

Thanks Mari !!! I have so much catching up on blog reading to do !! That's what happens when you go on a get away with your husband and don't spend any time on the internet !!! It's great though. Not like some days when I search around and no-one has posted anything new ! This is just the opposite !!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mari! I just commented on the last post about how much I missed you. You are the blessing!! :) I am touched---thank you friend.