Thursday, August 9, 2007

Just Married!

Who are the newlyweds? My Dad and a sweet lady named Anne. My Mom passed away a little over 4 years ago and Dad has been alone since then. Mom was only 69 when she died, and although her death was sudden, she hadn't been in very good health for a while. Dad was 72 at the time and has always been an active person who loved to be around people. He has been amazingly self sufficient, but we are very happy to see him so happy. They are a cute couple, walking around holding hands and teasing each other. They have been working on getting his house ready for her to live in and it looks like I will be doing some painting next week! In the meantime they will stay at her house although they are going away this weekend. I am happy he has someone to spend his time with and hopefully they will be able to do some traveling!


Terri said...

What????? How come I didn't know about this yet? Nobody ever tells me anything! I thought I was going to be the first to know. I'm giving someone a call! But really, I didn't hear that they were living in her house first. What - do they have to wait till we finish painting?

Laura said...

Maybe you guys could just keep stalling the painting until finally they just decide to stay in Ann's house. Wink. wink.

Rmomof3 said...

What fun! How nice it is to be graced a precious love - twice!!!!!!!

Sweet blessings!

Unknown said...

You always said they would just go do it one of these days.... How nice for him to have another person to share life with. Thats great!!!!