Sunday, August 6, 2017

It was a cold and dreary day...

I have to share my Friday with you.  I had the day off and was going to do some things at home, run a few errands and then we had a special event at night.
When I was getting ready in the morning, I was deciding what to wear.  It's been sunny and warm with temperatures in the 80's, but it was pretty cloudy so I checked the temp outside.  58 degrees!!!
Wow - guess it's jeans weather, right?

Here's our backyard that morning - no sunshine at all!

I made a few stops, then went to Lowes to pick up flooring we had ordered for the bathroom we are working on.  It's almost done!  All that's left is the floor and then to install a new toilet.  The flooring was supposed to be in on Friday.  Bob had a 3 day weekend, which would let him work on the floor on Saturday and Monday. He thought he would be able to finish it and put in the new toilet too by Monday evening.  However.....     I stood at the order desk at Lowes for some time before someone came up and said the order wasn't in!  What?  We even had a receipt with the pick up date written on it.  They took me to the back and proceeded to call a bunch of stores, but no one had it.  Apparently this flooring was out of stock in their warehouse and had to be ordered by the manufacturer.
After all that, I had to go back to the front of the store and talk to a store manager, who apologized, gave me a discount and a guarantee that it would be in on Wednesday.  Very frustrating because who knows when Bob will be able to put that floor down.   On top of that I spent over an hour in there to find that all out!
When I left that store it was raining, and I continued on to get groceries.  When I got out of the grocery store it was pouring and I came home looking like a mess, and I must admit that I wasn't feeling too cheerful!

But, things always improve, right?

It was still drizzling, but don't the leaves look pretty with raindrops on them?  The temp never did go much above 60 though.

That evening Bob and I were asked to a fundraising concert.  A girl from our church is going to Mission School this fall.  She and her friends who were very involved in music in high school had set up a concert, with donations to go to the costs of her mission school.
We knew she had a beautiful voice, but wow - all of these kids were so good!

These two guys spent some time just jamming on their guitars during an intermission.  We could have listened to them for some time.

The girl on the left is the one going to Mission school.  There were about 10 kids that took part, some singing, both solos and in groups, a piano solo, the guitar music and combinations of all..
We thought it was pretty impressive that these kids just out of high school took it upon themselves to put this together, and that they were all willing to help to fund her mission school tuition.
It was a very nice evening - a good end to a cold and dreary day!  :)


Amy at love made my home said...

Hope you can get the flooring sorted soon!

Arlene Grimm said...

Oh how aggravating....hope you receive your flooring soon Mari It is a rainy morning here as well. Not as hot as it has been so that is a blessing. A concert is a good idea for fund raising for a mission trip. said...

I know you were disappointed about the flooring, and rightly so. Surely it will come in soon and hubby can get it put down. Sounds like the musical concert was delightful and for a worthy cause for sure.

Simply Linda said...

Ugh, Lowes is famous for doing that, just saying...I am so ready for fall and quite enjoyed that little break in temps we had. I hope you have a lovely week, friend.

Sally said...

I can't even imagine the temps being that low; I may need to move from Florida. :)

How wonderful of those kids to put that all together!

Lowes? I had an experience that wasn't cool there also. I hope the flooring comes in now when it's supposed to.


Henny Penny said...

That must have been aggravating. Who has time to waste like that! Your granddaughters are cute as can be. You did good fixing their hair. (last post)

Michelle said...

I find home improvement frustrating! Though, I do like the end results! lol Best of luck with the flooring.

Saleslady371 said...

Nothing like an act of kindness to chase away the blues. They sound like very resourceful teens. Hope the new floor materials come in as promised.

Dianna said...

Lowes! You've gotta love their customer service! That is so frustrating...but, oh, how the Lord poured out His blessings on you later in the day! Loved reading about your Friday!

Jean said...

I do think you sent your cool rainy weather east. That's exactly what we had today.

How frustrating to miss Bob's window of time for that flooring! I'm so glad your day ended with delightful music.

LL Cool Joe said...

Just think yourself lucky you have a husband that can floor tiles and fit a toilet and all the money you save!!

Laura said...

What a bummer about the flooring! Better call on Wednesday before you go in just in case! Such a cool idea to do a concert as a fundraiser!

Jenny said...

It's pre-autumn-like here too ... I love it ... but don't get me started on the home improvement stores. Our refrigerator died ten days ago. It's lucky we have a backup fridge in the garage -- older than the one that bit the dust and still running like a top, knock on wood -- so the situation isn't DIRE dire, but wouldn't you think it would be easy to pick out a fridge, plunk down your money, and arrange to take possession of said large essential appliance within a reasonable amount of time?


Home Depot, Lowe's, and Best Buy "don't have" and "can't get" the model you choose off the showroom floor. No matter which one you pick. Go to three stores and get three totally differing and often contradictory answers/reasons/opinions for this. So you go online. I've ordered and paid for not one but two fridges and then gotten calls saying oops, sorry, we don't have those and can't get those. After many hours of working on this over the past several days (it's like a full-time job), I think I have finally bought a refrigerator ... that I won't see hide nor hair of for at least A MONTH. Fingers crossed for in-home refrigeration by Labor Day.

Aaaaarrrrrggghhhhh! xoxo

Cherdecor said...

Friday evening while Alan and Chad were downtown setting up for the Art Show, a cold front came through and about blew them to the moon. It was a good thing they took their jackets. It got down to 54 degrees. The 70 degree days now are wonderful!

It is so frustrating about your flooring, but hey, they gave you a discount, right? Lowe's have always treated us well. When their workers put in our flooring and did a poor job, they removed us and returned our money and gave us a discount on a better floor. It is frustrating while going through it, but it will all work out.

Those students must have had a great music teacher. I remember hearing some of the students perform earlier in the year and I thought they were amazing for high school students. It is great that this girl has the kind of friends that support her in missions. Wonderful!