Sunday, May 22, 2016

The week-end

Last week we had our annual state inspection at the nursing home.  It's a time that none of us look forward too, and I'll tell you that we all rejoice when they leave!  I had to do a med pass with one watching me, and it's such a relief to get it done without them finding a problem.  When they do find something, it's pretty difficult to fight it, although we are going to try with one citation that we feel is completely unfair.   I don't know how inspectors that are nurses can argue with a Dr over the use of a medication.  In my opinion, if they want to question it, another Dr should be the one questioning. 
We did get lots of nice comments from residents and families!
Enough about that though!  The weekend was better!

On Friday I got to go to a baby shower.  A friends son and his wife are expecting their first baby!

These cute things were at everyone's place setting.  The chocolate covered pretzels don't show up too well in this picture but they were drizzled with blue and tasted good!  The hot air balloon is actually an EOS lip balm.  Isn't that that cutest thing?

We had the girls overnight on Friday night.  So that I don't overload you with pics, I'll share that part tomorrow.

On Sunday we went to my sister and brother-in-laws church to see our niece Shaelyn give her testimony and join the church.  Here she is with my Dad.  It was a good morning!


Arlene Grimm said...

Isn't it fun to have things to celebrate. I have so many friends who are struggling with various things so a party was a nice break for me and I am sure a party and a baptism was a happy time for your family. As for those inspections...I do remember those! And you are right it is fun to wave buh bye!

Mildred said...

So happy that you and your dad could be there for Shaelyn. What a great smile she has.
Ugh...I can only imagine the stress of an inspection.
The shower looks like it was fun. I know the weekends go fast for you.
I look forward to seeing the pics of the girls overnight stay.

Sally said...

Glad the inspection is over, and I agree it should be a dr advising or questioning something another dr has done.

Such a beautiful niece, Mari. I've always enjoyed testimonies of young people although it's been years I hate to say.

Looking forward to seeing the precious little girls tomorrow. :)


Terra Hangen said...

How sweet your niece is to give her testimony and join the church. I love to see young adult or any age baptisms in our church and hear their testimonies. That sounds stressful to go through the inspection, I am sure you are glad it is over.

LL Cool Joe said...

I bet the inspection is very stressful. We have a children's home near our church that has been going for years, all the staff are Christians and they do a wonderful job. But one of the children burnt themselves on a radiator and they shut the whole home down! It has now opened several months later but it caused a great deal of stress for the children and the staff.

Amy at love made my home said...

Glad that your inspection went well and that you had a good weekend. The shower sounds like fun!

HOOTIN ANNI said... the name Shaelyn [hope I spelled that correctly]

I agree there should be a conference between TWO doctors when something about dispensing medications to the residents. What gives on that.

And a first baby....sweet.

Simply Linda said...

Boo on inspections...I agree on the dr.'s. Thanks for the smiles on this Monday morning. Have a beautiful week ahead.

Betsy Brock said...

Fum weekend! Love the shower favors! Glad the inspection is over! yay!

Karen said...

There are the cutest ideas for showers and favors these days. Such fun!

Patsy said...

You had a happy Week-end.
Glad the inspection was good too.

Jenny said...

Those pesky inspectors again, already? Arrrrgh! I'm glad that's over. Your dad looks so good. xoxo

Terri D said...

I am never overwhelmed by photos, Mari. Love all that you share with us. Your dad looks great and Shaelyn is so cute! Glad you got through the inspection and I agree that they should be asking the doctor about a medication that was prescribed...not a nurse! Hope you win the appeal!