Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Love Inspired Outreach

I got my computer back already! It's fixed and was very reasonable!
The Fair is in town! The local Fair is always a big deal around here. Last night Bob and I worked at a booth run by Love Inspired Outreach. This organization was started by a man from our church. He is originally from Kenya and came to the U.S. to escape war. He went to school here and is now a professor at the college in our town. Love Inspired Outreach raises money for aid to Kenya, and along with the aid, the gospel is shared.
In June they were able to drill a well for the area that our friend is from. Now they are raising money for another well in a nearby town. Currently the people are walking for several hours, to get water from a muddy pond. Lives are truly changed, first through the well, then by hearing the gospel.

Here's the booth. We were giving away bottled water and literature and accepting donations to go toward the well.
If you live in the area, and go to the Hudsonville Fair, stop at the booth and throw in a few dollars - they will help change lives!

I had to include a picture of the fun going on outside the building!


Anna Bailee (Chelsea) said...

cool organization, i didn't see it there today when i walked around the barns (but i did take a pamphlet from a different booth about ministry in the inner city). it certainly is a lot of there, so many things to do :)

Karin said...

Love it when the Lord gives someone a passion and they trust His leading and obey in doing what He has called them to do! Glad your 'puter is fixed!

Kayren said...

Love what they are doing and I wish we were closer, although I probably couldn't be in the crowd without a mask right now because my white counts are pretty low.

By the way, computer problems must be rampant right now. I shipped my laptop off two days ago (it's under manufacturer warranty). We just got Alex's back from the geek squad the day before. Nuts!

Hootin' Anni said...

How wonderful...this gives me chills [in a good way!!]. I always feel inspired by couples like you that feel strongly about a cause such as this and volunteer your time. Wonderful, again!!!!

...and my project? It's all thanks to you and another blogger, which I'll hopefully get to summarizing on my Sunday post.

Pat said...

There is such a need for wells for clean water. It's something that I think a lot of people don't realize. Good for you and Bob two are a great pair!

Sadie said...

I love the fact that you posted about this! WTG for helping!

Nancy said...

What a wonderful ministry.....We take so much for granted including water.....

The bright lights and colors of the fair look like so much fun....Did you ride the ferris wheel?

Terri said...

shoot- I missed it.

Sharon said...

What a great cause as we do take what we have for granted.
Bless you for playing a part in this.
We are having our State Fair from Fri thru Labor Day.
Sorry to hear you have been having "puter problems also. I am glad you got it up and running. I know I sure did miss seeing my blogfriends.
have a great weekend.

Colleen said...

Mari, what a worthy cause. Lately I have been reading so much about various things like this and my heart is telling me I have so much and give so very little when there is a whole world of suffering souls out there. God bless you and this work. I pray it flourishes and blesses all those involved abundantly!

Susan said...

What a wonderful ministry outreach for you and Bob to give your time to. I hope many funds were raised so many lives will be touched.