Sunday, December 6, 2020

A few more updates

 Here's a few updates to things going on in my life.  I'm hoping things calm down soon so I can go back to regular old blog posts!   :)

My dad and covid...     Last weekend was pretty miserable.  Sunday afternoon he said he was so dizzy and had a lot of stomach pain.  My sister Cheri and I went to his house, masked up and went in.  I found him with a low BP and pulse, pale and weak,  We decided it was time for a trip to the ER.  We knew it was likely that they wouldn't let us in, and that's what happened.  We pulled up, they came and got him and told us to wait in the parking lot and call the ER in about 30 minutes.  It was heartbreaking to see them wheel him in and not be able to go along. We waited and then I called.  They said - oh, it will be at least an hour.  He's not even registered yet.   At that point we decided to drive somewhere and get a cup of coffee, instead of sitting in a dark parking garage.

We enjoyed seeing some of the cool old buildings in town.

This is one of my favorites - it reflects everything around it so nicely.
We found a Bigbees and got some coffee, then sat in the car and called the ER again.  I got to talk to a nurse this time and tell her what's been happening.  She said she didn't know if he would be admitted but we may as well go home, as the tests they were running would take over 2 hours.
So, we headed home (it's about 30 minutes) to wait for more information.

On the way out of town, we say this building with all the decorations lit up.

I dropped Cheri back home a little before 6 and then went home for supper with Bob.  Shortly before 9 they called and said they were releasing him.  They had given him IV fluids, his other tests looked good. So, Cheri and I went back to the hospital, then brought him home and came back home.

The next morning, he said he's had a bad night again.  I was at work and had an appt with my rheumatologist in the afternoon.  He felt like he needed to go back to the ER (and this is not at all usual for him).  I knew I couldn't take him because I had been fit into that specialist appt.
So, Cheri left work and took him back.  Again things checked out ok, they said it would just take time to build up strength.

Then - I went to my specialist.  He feels my diagnosis is Rheumatoid Arthritis.  He will do more labs in about a month to be sure.  I'm started on hydroxychloroquine.  This is the med that is supposed to be helpful with Covid.  It's used for malaria and rheumatoid arthritis.  It will take 3-4 months to really start working.  In the meantime, I'm on prednisone which they are trying to taper down.  I still have pain, especially in the morning in my knees and shoulders, but it is so much better with the prednisone, and it improves as the day goes on.  He feels we caught this early enough that there will be no permanent damage and we just have to find the right treatment.

This was all on Sunday and Monday, last weekend.
Since then, I continue to check with my Dad daily and he is doing much better.  He is still tired, but a lot of the other issues are resolving.  He's even out of quarantine now.  Saturday I picked him and Ann up, we went to the grocery store and the bank.  He was tired out, but it's wonderful to see him looking more like himself.  Ann never got it, but we are noticing that she has been more confused.  We set up a plan for meals for them from us kids, grandkids and Ann's family too.  For now, we take it day by day.

Then one more thing happened.  Most of you know our daughter Heather is expecting,  She is a type 1 diabetic so is high risk.  She has been having non stress tests twice a week and goes to her specialty OB.  On Friday, the non stress test wasn't going well and her BP was elevated so she was admitted for the weekend.  They are giving her steroid to help the baby's lungs mature.  She was able to come home this morning. She's at almost 34 weeks, so keeping baby in for a few weeks would be good.  But, it does look like baby may come sooner, rather than later!

That's what's going on here.  Hopefully the next time I do an update, it's filled with good things!


Ginny Hartzler said...

I am so sorry you have so many stressful things to deal with, and also for your diagnosis. Your Covid drug sure takes a long time to work! But at least the doctor has a lot of options and has started you headed in the right direction. Prayers for your Dad, keep us updated! And I hope you can manage to get some good rest yourself.

Joyful said...

I think your blog stories today all had good endings though I'm sure they caused you stress during the week. I'm happy for you and your family. Have a good week.

Susan said...

My cousin has RA and has to take Humira injections. It must be hard for you at work. I enjoyed the pictures shared. Have a great week!

Sylvia said...

Oh Mari, I'm so sorry to hear about your dad (and the fun and games you and Cheri had when you took him to A and E. Really glad he's feeling so much better. Your RA is so hard to cope with - that constant ache and pain. Glad you are on those meds - it will be doing two jobs!
And then poor Heather. Will be praying the babe stays where it is for as long as possible. Much love to you

Sylvia said...

Oh Mari, wheat a hugely stressful time for you and Cheri, and the rest of the family. So glad your dad is feeling much better but sorry to hear about the RA for you. Its so hard having that pain and ache all the time. Hooping the meds help in both ways. Praying for you all and Heather, that the babe will stay where it is for as long as possible. Much love

Hootin Anni said...

You and all your family have had a tough week. Stress around every corner. I do hope good outcomes continue tho. And the sweet baby arrives healthy.

Kim said...

Oh boy, Mari, you certainly have had your hands full of some weighty matters. Hoping all continues to go well and baby stays put a little longer. Take care!

Changes in the wind said...

How stressful those days have been but so grateful that things are more stable now and hope the baby stays put until further along. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis but happy that there is some treatment to help.

Arlene G said...

Bless your heart many things happening at once. Prayers for your family!!

Jenny the Pirate said...

Oh Mari! My heart breaks for you to read all of this, even though much of it is good news and thank God for that. It's just all of the stress, and at a time of year that is stressful already, that I wish you could be spared. BUT we know that our God is faithful, and that He is working, and that he never leaves us. How terrifying this illness must have been for your dad. I am so sorry. But it looks as though he weathered the storm and has come out on the other side, and soon will be feeling like himself again. It sounds as though you are in good hands as well with your doctors and although I don't know much about rheumatoid arthritis, maybe you have been spared the worst of it, and that is something to rejoice about. And that precious new baby coming will be such a blessing in your family. I can't wait to hear of your third grandchild's safe delivery. Such happy moments near at hand! And I LOVE that mirror building! I would be going up and down the road to take its picture from all angles at all seasons of the year and in all kinds of weather. Just lovely! xoxo

Connie said...

You have had quite the week. So glad your Dad is improving. Hopefully that baby stays put for awhile. Praying your RA will do well with the mediations. So much stress. We have a marvelous God who brings us through these hard times. Ken getting his strength back following his COVID. I did not get it..thank God. I’m dealing with some cancer cells that showed up following a surgery. I have some tests next week and hopefully more answers. I’ll be praying for you and you for me ofay? Take care.

Terri D said...

Wow, Mari. Bless you and your sister (and the entire family). I will be praying for Heather and for your dad and Ann. I'm so glad he is doing better and a family meal train is a great idea. Take care of yourself, dear friend!! xo

Doris said...

I am so behind in my blog word, what a weekend!! Glad your dad is better. So nice of you all to take them meals.
I'll pray for Heather. Hopefully she can give the baby some more time ♥
Bless you, Mari.

carrie@northwoods scrapbook said...

Oh Sweetie! Such a crazy year, life and right now. Like a bad ride that won't let you off. Lol I'm so happy to hear your Dad is doing better. And that you're doing all the good and smart things for your diagnosis. Sending prayers for a peaceful healthy holiday season my Friend. 🙏 xoxo