Sunday, December 17, 2017

Oh Christmas Tree...

Several years ago we got a new Christmas tree. Our old one was looking shabby, and I was ready for a smaller one.  We got a smaller one, but when we got it up, it looked so much smaller in the room than it looked in the store.  We used it for several years, but were always bothered by how small it seemed.  Last year we saw one on sale shortly before Christmas and thought it looked just right for us - 5 1/2 feet tall, but skinny, so it would fit into our living room better.
This year it's up and I really like it. Not too big, not too small!

Here it is, in the daylight with the lights off.

And here it is, all lit up!

I wanted it to have an old, natural feel, so it's decorated with white lights and lots of white ornaments.  Here's a few pictures showing what's on it.

 This is an ornament that I helped Bob's sister make when we were first dating.  It was a kit, and she was doing them for a sale. We both thought they were so ugly, and I really laughed when she gave me one for Christmas that year.  It's hung on the tree every year since then.

 This little angel is one I made for Sunday school teachers when my kids were young, and I made one for us too.

This was made by one of my former residents.

The same lady made this bell. She was very talented and I enjoy remembering her whenever I see these.

 I have several of these cute little birds scattered around the tree.

I have a set of the vintage looking ornament.  They aren't very big and look so cute on the tree!

These are more favorites - some of Bob's carved Santa's.

I have floral picks tucked in all over the tree to fill in empty spots.  Some are the burlap curls and some are these mini pine cones.  I really like the natural look it gives.

We have one more tree in our house. This one is in the family room downstairs.  It doesn't get decorated - it already has pine cones and berries, so it's very easy to set up!  Bobs old family nativity  set sits next to it.

What about you? Do you have a real tree?  Is it a big one, or have your downsized too?


Doris said...

No real tree for us. Aidan's allergies don't allow it but I find the less mess of an artificial one appealing anyway!

Joyful said...

I've given up on my artificial tree and left it in the box these last 3 years. I'm using a very small table top inherited from my mom but that one is on it's last leg. I will be looking for a tree like yours, tall and skinny as it will work much better in my space. If I don't find one right away I will just get another table top as I like those too. Both of your trees are lovely and I love the bell decoration made by a resident and the angel made by your sister in law.

Anonymous said...

Both trees are pretty, Mari. I love the special ornaments on your upstairs tree and Bob's Santas are so nice. We no longer are able to put up a tree but we do enjoy driving around on Christmas Eve enjoying our neighbors.

Phoebes World said...

Beautiful trees Mari.. the ornaments compliment each other perfectly. Very pretty
We had a real tree last year.. but this year we went back to artificial. We wanted to light it up at the beginning of December in memory of my mum..and hubby didnt think a real one would last. Its a big one.
Have a great week
Phoebe x

Linda said...

I love those pencil trees. Ours is huge, we bought it on sale 2 years ago...I just love Bob's Santa carvings. I hope you have a beautiful Monday, friend. smiles

Arlene @Nanaland said...

Mari I know what you mean..we have one that is TOO Big but since we just purchased it last year we will have to wait a while before passing it on to our kids and getting a smaller one. A Pencil tree is just what we need. Yours is beautiful.

Sally said...

Very pretty tree, Mari. I love that you have ornaments that you treasure. They make the tree even more special. :)


Ramblings of a Retired Lady said...

Your tree and the special ornaments are so pretty. We have 'memory' ornaments on our tree too. Our tree isnt real, but because I put it up so early, it is 'fake', with the LED lights on it as it came. I also have a small tree in the bedroom, with ornaments that I crochet'd.
Hope your Monday is an easy day for you.

Terri D said...

Joe is allergic to pine sap so we have never had a real tree. Ours is a skinny "pencil" tree and I think this is its fifth year. It almost touches the ceiling with the star on top but doesn't take up much floor space. It is perfect for us. Our ornaments are all special ones and some are very old. I enjoyed seeing your trees and your ornaments!!

Jenny said...

So charming, as is all of your decorating. We got a seven-foot artificial pencil tree about fifteen years ago, when we moved to South Carolina. It replaced a smaller, fatter fake tree which had seen better days. In addition to the taller pencil tree in the sunroom but visible from the family room and decorated much like yours with white lights, angels, and vintage ornaments, I have a shorter/fatter fake tree in the kitchen. It has multicolored lights and special ornaments that look like donuts and cupcakes, among other things. The kids love that one! xoxo

Cherdecor said...

I would say that your tree fits perfectly in that corner. I like all the white decorations on it too.

We went to the eye doctor's today and they had a lovely tree in the waiting room. It had beautiful gold netted ribbon all through it giving it a luxurious look. I said to Alan, "Where do they buy that kind of ribbon for their tree?" He said, "I don't think they shop where we shop." His dry humor makes me laugh.

Laura said...

Your tree looks so beautiful!! I love it!