Sunday, November 24, 2013


I've posted before about Swagbucks, but it's been awhile.  They sent me an offer to share so I thought it was time to tell you about it again.
Swagbucks is a website where you do searches (like Google), but along with the information you get, you may win Swagbucks. When you collect enough Swagbucks, you may trade them in for prizes or gift certificates. I've built up a balance of nearly $800 since January by using it. You can get most anything from Amazon; I buy a lot of Christmas gifts this way, but I'm also saving up for a nice camera.  I got my Kindle Fire and have purchased lots of household goods this way.
You can get gift certificates for lots of other stores, restaurants, paypal... if you don't want to use Amazon.

Here's what I do to get Swagbucks.

1) Install the Swagbuck toolbar on your computer. You get information from it, and a buck a day just for using it.
2) Here is what I do every morning to get 4 easy bucks.
a)Just using your computer with the toolbar gets you 1 for the toolbar.
b) on the top of the Swagbucks home page is a list of quick links. If you click the one that says answer you'll see a sub-heading that says daily poll.  Click on it and a poll will pop up.  Answer the daily question and you get another buck.
c) Next to the answer tab is one that says Discover.  Under it is a sub-heading called NOSO. Click on it, then go through it clicking "skip" and you'll get 2 bucks.
That is 4 easy bucks every day. In a month you can get 120 just by doing these things!
3) Do searches! I do a search every morning, again in the afternoon when I get home from work and another one later in the evening. You can search for anything - you never know what might win. Just a warning - if you oversearch you will receive the rules page and can't search for anywhere from 2-24 hours. I've never had that happen to me yet, but once I win I stop for awhile. When searching, if what you put in doesn't get you anything, click on images. I often get bucks that way.
4) Look at the home page. It has different offers on it.Sometimes it has videos that take only a few minutes to watch that will pay swagbucks. There are special offers that pay out swag bucks. Many of them aren't worth the hassle, but sometimes there are some easy ones that pay well.  You can also find special offers under the Discover tab.
5) The swagbuck people give out codes that give you bucks; usually between 4 and 12. These codes are given out usually daily on the weekdays and they may do one on the weekend. You can find out about these codes by installing a widget on your blog, following the Swagbucks blog or watching your swagbucks toolbar. The other thing you can do (which is my main way to find them) is to go to Facebook, and like the swagcodez page. They will then send out a message to your Facebook page when there is a code.
6) On the tab called Answer is a subheading called trusted surveys. If you qualify for a survey you can get quite a few bucks. They have also recently added a link called Swagbucks TV. If you click on it you will find all kinds of videos to watch. They are all short and you never know when you might get some bucks for watching. I find it's usually about every 3 videos that you win 5 bucks.
Another place you can watch videos is under the Discover tab, with the subheading Activities.

These are my main ways of gathering swagbucks. I do a lot in the evening if the tv is on. It really doesn't take too much time and it's worth it!

Here's one more offer to share with you. Right now the SB people are offering a bonus to people that sign on under a referral.  Anyone that signs up and earns 1500 SB's before January 1 will get a bonus of 500 swagbucks.    So - if you've been thinking about trying it, now is the time!  And, maybe next Christmas it'll be easier to buy those gifts.  :)
Go here to sign up.


Linda said...

Well..I had no idea. Cool beans. Will have to give it a try. Have a blessed week.

Terri D said...

Mari, I know a couple of people who earn Swagbucks and do Christmas and birthday shopping with them. My question is...when you sign up, does it matter what computer you are on? I am at work and do searches all the time here, then I have my laptop at home. If it is MY account and doesn't matter what computer I am on, great...if it is only on the computer where you download the app, then that wouldn't work for me - I would have two accounts???

sara said...

I love swagbucks!!!

Susan said...

Can't believe I did...but I signed up!!