Sunday, September 13, 2009

Give me Five!

Last week I received 5 words from Kayren, at Everything's Coming Up Daisies. It's all part of a meme, that you can do too, if you want to.
Here's how it works. Kayren got 5 words from another blogger and she did a post about the words she was given. She then offered to give 5 words to someone else. I thought it would be fun, so now I'm going to post on the five words she gave me. If you want to join in, tell me in the comments and I'll send you your own five words!

1. Blogging
I've been blogging for a little over 2 years now. I started because my sisters both had a blog and they were bugging me to start. I kept saying I didn't have enough to say, but I guess I was wrong. I've met so many wonderful people, from all over the world through this. I'm so glad I started!

2. Sisters
What can I say about them? I have 2 sisters, Terri and Cheri. I am the oldest, then there is a brother, then Terri, last is Cheri. (No, our names aren't meant to rhyme. I am actually Maribeth and Cheri is actually Cheryl) Anyway, my sisters are crazy. We have the best time when we are together. Our family gatherings are filled with fun and laughter. Under the laughter though is the love we have for each other. We are there for each other during good times and bad and I know I can always call on them. They are my best friends.

3. Ikea
Kayren just threw this one in to tease me! We both live in Michigan, but she lives near the Ikea store. She frequently posts about these great deals she finds there, and I just have to drool over it. One of these days, I'm going to make the drive there and meet her at the store!

4. Michigan
The only state I've ever lived in is Michigan and I can't imagine living anywhere else. Although I hate driving in the snow, and will frequently complain about the cold, I really like the change of seasons. Michigan is truly a beautiful state with so much to see. And of course, there is the fact that both my family and Bob's live here, and we would have a hard time leaving any of them.

5. Contrary
Perhaps Kayren was feeling a little contrary when she picked out this word! :) What can I say about it? Here is how the dictionary defines it: "Given to recalcitrant behavior; willful or perverse". I have known a few contrary people in my life and it isn't a trait that I admire. Isn't it better to try and see the positive in people and not be looking for things to argue about? One of my goals in life is to treat people well, add some joy to their day and be positive, because people are observing how Christians act. There are times when we can't agree with others, if what they are saying goes against God's will, but we can still speak to them in a loving way.

That's all I have to say today! If you want five words picked out just for you, let me know!


Kayren said...

You know, "Mary, Mary, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?" Even though you are Mari.

Yes, I had to tease you with the Ikea one! Eventually you'll have to give in and meet me there.

Unknown said...

You did that very well.. good job

Kim said...

That's a fun meme :-) I like ones like this where it helps you get to know someone better.

If you haven't made it to the IKEA store, you just haven't lived. LOL It's one of my favorite places and the very last store I visited before leaving the U.S. :-)

Demara said...

that was neat to read.

SURE you can fire me over some words!!

Darla said...

that was fun to read, go ahead and give me 5! it will give me something to think about. :D

Hootin' Anni said...

Hmmmmmmmm, Maribeth. Now that makes me rethink on how to consciously pronounce your name when you come visit. Here all this time I've been 'thinking' MARIE and you are MARI as in Mary. Right? [I see Kayren's comment and then, it dawned on me...geez]

That was a fun Meme...if you want to give me words in my comments, I'll play along.

I especially like what you wrote about 'sisters'. Family is just so great, isn't it?

Cheri said...

Awwww thanks! I love you too but I have to add that it's not just Terri and I that are crazy- you fit very well into that category too :)

Mary Lee said...

That was great! Gimme 5 please.

Jenny said...

I love words! But don't give me any; I have so many now, I don't know what to do with them!


I've never been to an Ikea store! But my daughter is now dating a wonderful young man from Midland, Michigan. She will be visiting him there the first week in October! She is excited about seeing the fall colors that we don't see much of in South Carolina, and experiencing many of the beauties of Michigan. She'll probably have eyes only for Justin, though, so it won't matter where she is geographically!~ She'll be seeing with her heart.


Brooke said...

i'll take 5 :)

and for the longest time in my head i pronounced your name like "mauri". that whole "I" instead of "Y" thing through me off :P

Lynn said...

Sarah filled me in on the correct pronunciation of your name.

Cute meme. I'll take 5....

Just Mom said...

I love it that your names rhyme.

Oh! Give me five...

Bonnie said...

Or ... you and Kayren could both fly to Australia and meet me at my Ikea !!
Yep ... I think that is the best idea yet !! :) Loved this post Mari ... and I'd love for you to pick me five words !! Be kind ... :)

Kayren said...

Who's paying?! :)

I do think that sounds like a great idea...a field trip to Ikea in Australia...we could say we are just comparing prices and to see if they have different things in their store, although you'd have to depend on me for that one, Mari, seeing that you've not been yet.

Sorry, couldn't resist...

Mary said...


Loved your five words and the answers you gave. I would enjoy participating in this. Looks like fun. Drop by my blog and leave me my five words, please.

Blessings for a great week.

Heart2Heart said...


This sounds like so much fun, please include me in this and send along 5 words!

Love and Hugs ~ Kat

Shell in your Pocket said...

I grew up in parents are still in the Milford area. My heart will always long for MI!

sandy toe

Pat said...

Give me five!
I loved this, your answers were all so good. Now you've got me wanting to go to Ikea...maybe tomorrow!

Betty W said...

What a great idea for a meme.
I love Ikea stores too, and when I visit in Canada, I always go at least once.
That is so great that your sisters are your best friends. I have two sisters too, but we are so different in character. We love each, but best friends? No.
I think I want 5 words too, but don´t make them too hard, ok? :)

Melissa said...

I'll play along :)

A Stone Gatherer said...

O.K. give me 5!